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Katja Schmolka in conversation with Edward Mapplethorpe


    08 June 2011


     It is Saturday and exactly 10.30 am as the wooden door of Foley Gallery located in Chelsea NYC opens. Edward Mapplethorpe swings into the bright room, ready for our interview.

    The white painted walls  are adorned with Mapplethorpe’s new work. Elegant and vivid paintings of his current exhibition `The Variations`. A dynamic series, inspired by the classical pianist Glenn Gould and his iconoclastic re- interpretation of J.S. Bach´s Goldberg Variations. No camera and no darkroom Edward Mapplethorpe points out in our conversation. He is following a new path in his career he says. With a new technique and an unique chemical process. Mapplethorpe utilizes translates to “color by light scattering” whereby colorless chemicals are applied onto traditional black and white photographic paper to achieve his dynamic compositions. Time and chance elements become important aspects of the process.

    Time and chance is the vocabulary of Edward Mapplethorpe´s career. In the eighties he started to assist his thirteen year elder brother – 80thies legend artist and photographer Robert Mapplethorpe. Soon it turned out that Edward Mapplethorpe was the second incredibly talented family member of the six Mapplethorpe siblings. And one knew it from the very beginning, his brother Robert.

    Based in NYC Edward Mapplethorpe´s work has been exhibited in numerous international solo and group exhibitions. The exhibition will run until June 18th at Foley Gallery 548 W 28th Street, 2nd floor  and is open from Tuesday.

    It is quiet now… and we stand in front of Mapplethorpe’s work. Our conversation begins!


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