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  • frieze_la_artfair_2019_zip_magazine
  • frieze_la_artfair_2019_zip_magazine
  • frieze_la_artfair_2019_zip_magazine
  • frieze_la_artfair_2019_zip_magazine
Artist Raymond Pettibon, David Zwirner Gallery
Sculpture by Karon Davis - Game, 2019 Commissioned by Frieze Projects, presented with Wilding Cran Gallery, Los Angeles.
Works by L.A. artist Sarah Cain, Honor Fraser Gallery Los Angeles.
Trulee Hall, Infestation 2019, at Frieze Projects Los Angeles 2019.


    25 February 2019

    Los Angeles, By Katja Schmolka @katjaschmolka

    In launching the first FRIEZE Los Angeles this last week, the iconic and independent art platform with three magazines, an art academy and now four international art fairs, Frieze New York, Frieze London and Frieze Masters, is bringing the créme de la créme of the contemporary art world to Los Angeles. 

    Los Angeles has always been a place of experimentation and free spirits. Frieze captured this vibe brilliantly in their showcase of artists from around the globe through installations, artworks, photography music, performing arts and talks. Apart from the main gallery space hosted in a humongous white tent, the back lot of Paramount Studios ( a clone of a New York City neighbourhood) was the perfect playground for installations of another kind. Imagine the Trulee Hall, intermixed with neon green strings, entering the windows in the front. And a display of the same building in miniature version placed inside showcased in a display. A “House in the House" accompanied by two electrifying video installations. 


    Art - Fashion - Music - Film, one cannot be without the other. Renown American photographer Matthew Rolston talked with Artre Magazine hosted by London based matchesfashion.com about the launching of his career growing up in the “Never Land” of Los Angeles. With a smile on his face, Rolston quoted Woody Allen "Back in the 60s the only artistic vibe that could be found in Los Angeles was whether to take a left or a right turn". Matthew Rolston´s body of work spans over many decades including pictures of Michael Jackson and Cindy Lauper whom he deliberately put into carefully crafted sceneries like movie sets, inspired by photographs and black and white films of the 20ties and 30 ties from the Weimar German film era. He was lucky enough to be discovered by grandmaster Andy Warhol who needed a photographer in Los Angeles to cover a story for his Interview Magazine. Turned out that Rolston and Warhol bonded ties for many years in their working relationship. 

    One of the highlights was the opening premiere of Frieze and Gucci co-commissioned Film by cultural critic, artist and filmmaker Jenn Nkiru from Second Summer of Love series "Black Techno". 

    “I assert techno is not just a musical gesture but a philosophical, sonic and anthropological one. “Bound up in Techno are the particularities of a culture, people, energy, industrialism, geography, politics and future of a certain time: it is a sound of resistance, an underground sound created by young black folks in Detroit.” Says Jenn Nkiru

    A fresh artistic breeze, and amazingly curated program with extraordinary talents for four days in a row in an iconic spot. 

    What can we ask more for?




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