• Wolfgang Tillmans exhibition from Neue Welt at Andrea Rosen Gallery.
  • Wolfgang Tillmans exhibition from Neue Welt at Andrea Rosen Gallery.
  • Wolfgang Tillmans exhibition from Neue Welt at Andrea Rosen Gallery.
German artist Wolfgang Tillmans presents his new work from `Neue Welt`at Andrea Rosen Gallery through June 22, 2013.

    Wolfgang Tillmans’ WORLD VIEWS

    30 May 2013

    By Katja Schmolka

    For one evening, visitors of the Andrea Rosen Gallery in Chelsea experienced the artistic flair of Berlin in NYC when Wolfgang Tillmans’ show celebrated its opening. His exhibition “from Neue Welt” through June 22 consists of carefully selected fine art prints from his four-year project Neue Welt (“new world”), which was accompanied by a book of the same title published by Taschen.

    His thought-provoking works were presented in an unpretentious and almost spartan way, fastened to the walls by silver clips – a part of Tillmans’ intellectual, poetic setup. The prevalent zeitgeist of the artist’s works was emphasized by the drink of the evening: beer served in bottles. With his eleventh one-person exhibition in the prestigious Andrea Rosen Gallery, German-born Tillmans once again reveals his views on culture and globalization, channeled through his very own critical and philosophical way of looking at things, and clearly manifested in the situations, people, objects, and places he captures with his lens – almost alarmingly straightforward and real. The artist’s long-time project Neue Welt led him to places all around the world, from Europe and America to Asia and Africa, and even to Tasmania. The resulting pictures clearly reflect his wish to call attention to the political and economic conditions of the 21st century. “I wanted to know: How does the world appear twenty years after I’ve begun to form a picture of it? Can there be a ‘new’ view of it? And ‘new’ also in the sense of greatly expanded technical possibilities. The tremendous political and economic shifts of recent years, and technical advancements, have considerably altered the world’s appearance.” Wolfgang Tillmans.

    The exhibition also includes a wall showing 128 pages from Tillmans’ latest book FESPA Digital/FRUIT LOGISTICA. For this creative act, he simply took apart the book and taped the individual double pages to the wall. His comment: “Anyone could do this!”

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