• The King of Pop Art - ANDY´S Seven Books_taschen
  • The King of Pop Art - ANDY´S Seven Books_taschen
  • The King of Pop Art - ANDY´S Seven Books_taschen
Andy Warhol´s handcrafted "seven books" printed and collected in a portfolio by Taschen.

    The King of Pop Art - ANDY`s Seven books

    20 March 2018

    The King of Pop Art

    Rediscovered hand-drawn jewels by Andy Warhol. "Seven Illustrated Books 1952 - 1959" by Taschen.

    The American Pop Art artist Andy Warhol was always ahead of his time. Already in the early fifties, before he became famous, Warhol created his signature look and shifted into a "persona" who caused a stir not only by his artistic talent but also by his look. In his studio - the Factory, he produced paintings, contemporary advertisements, and comic strips, all based off of consumer products like Campbell’s soup cans, Coca-Cola bottles, and Brillo boxes. These everyday items rose to cult status.

    The all-around genius mind of Andy Warhol cast a spell over the people in the creative scene. Artists like David Bowie, Madonna, and Jean Michel Basquiat, among others, regularly hung out with Andy at his Factory. To impress his most loyal customers and deepen his friendships, Warhol wrote seven very personal books - "The handmade artist's books." Personalized with illustrations and texts of vivid drawings of cats, food, shoes, funny lyrics, boys and pretty girls - all themes for which he had a liking. 

    Decades later, Taschen rediscovers Andy Warhol's treasures again. The marvelous result is an immaculate portfolio of these seven books, of which five that have never been seen before in public.  With lovingly selected titles like "Love Is A Pink Cake," 25 Cats Named Sam,” and “À la Recherche du Shoe Perdu,” the artist shows immense craftsmanship, infinite creativity, and a great sense of humor.  




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