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    17 September 2018


    That’s right! How many of you have dreamed at least once of being like one of those stars that you see in magazines or on TV. Beautiful, fascinating and with a breathtaking look. What are the rules to look like these divas? Here are a few steps, a few tips to conquer their charisma.

    By Franco Lorenzon

    At the heart of any self-respecting celeb is a healthy diet, a life of exercise and a controlled diet. If you want to have an enviable skin and line, avoid excesses of any kind, especially smoking and alcohol. 

    At least one day a week, devote it to detoxifying your body with a light diet dominated by fruit and vegetables. White meats and fish are not to be missed. Get used to drinking herbal teas and infusions or centrifuges of fruit, vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals. In addition to detoxifying, they help against free radicals, the main causes of ageing.

    In times of greater stress or now that you are on holiday, take advantage of it by taking better care of yourself. A new body treatment, a beautiful face mask or a new conditioner for sun-damaged hair are all ways to regain a radiant, rested look. The fundamentals of makeup for many stars are: an illuminating, powdery and red lipstick. These are the points of the face that, if made up, allow you to change your face in a flash, making it perfect for the flashes of photographers.

    Finally: a spray of a sensual perfume, a dress that enhances, a high-heeled shoe, a jewel, a bag a bit 'more' special and...

     "le jeux sont feit"! Would you like to put our advice into practice and have fun like a diva?



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    CLARINS PUDRE SOLEIL, 3 shades of matte powder to sculpt and illuminate the face and neck.

    GUCCI HIGH SHINE LIPSTICK Iconic Red, lipstick with intense colour and high gloss. 

    WELLA PROFESSIONALS NEW FUSION INTENSE CONDITIONER, instantly repairs breakages, detangles and softens the hair. 

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