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Rainbow Colours - Giuseppe Zanotti.
Christian Louboutin
Mario Valentino

    A Colour High

    06 September 2018



    Among all the footwear trends of this summer 2018, fashion addicts will not be able to do without a COLOURFUL model. Whatever the outfit, they always offer an extra twist. Let’s learn to choose them.  

    By Franco Lorenzon

    The footwear for the summer season seems to be inspired by a Mondrian painting, where the nuances are those stolen from a beautiful spring rainbow. A game of colour backgrounds with a deluxe flavour, which combines a glamorous touch to details, alongside a strong personality.

    If during the summer season you want to renew your wardrobe starting from your accessories, or if you feel the need to have that most intriguing and fashionable appeal, choosing a COLOURFUL shoe, will give a boost to your style.

    Among all the proposals seen on the runways, there is the sling-backs-bicolour; the model with a 5 cm heel is the most popular. The décolleté in printed patterns, with 3D applications or made of more innovative materials such as stretch neoprene, are also very popular.  

    The sandals are seduced by this mood and have sexy straps, buckles and laces in different colours. There are also various precious decors with a vintage flavour: capable of making every shoe something truly special. 

    The tips for wearing a COLOURFUL footwear? If you love denim, then this is the solution to making it more fun and lively. Do you like colour blocking outfits? Be careful not to exaggerate; if you really want to focus on this style, choose dresses in pastel shades. Finally, if you are a dark lady, know that nothing like a COLOURFUL footwear will be able to enhance your dark complexion. 

    Undecided about the purchase? Look at our gallery and... choose the piece that impresses you.




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