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  • accessories_trendsss20_zip_magazine
  • Jorina slingback by CHIE.
  • accessories_trendsss20_zip_magazine
  • accessories_trendsss20_zip_magazine
  • accessories_trendsss20_zip_magazine
Bucket hat by Vivetta.
Jorina slingback by CHIE.
Mini bag by Elisabetta Franchi.
Foulard by Missoni.
Earrings by Swarovski.


    22 April 2020

    By Franco Lorenzon @nonsololook

    Cross and delight of the female wardrobe, they have the power to change not only the style, but also the twist of every outfit. Accessories, they are the true protagonist of this season. Here are the 6 trends you cannot miss. 


    The newest ones stand out for their very chic taste. Among the fashion addicted, they seem to be the must-have accessory. Everyone, and I mean everyone, wants to play lady with bon ton designs, or feel a bit snob going for the flirtier versions. Regardless of what you choose, you need to own at least one of them to be cool this season. 

    Our take on this:

    ELISABETTA FRANCHI chooses a rounded silhouette for its colored mini bag with logo on the flap and a metal shoulder strap supplied. 


    This seems to be a trend able to cut a swathe through the looks of many this spring-summer. It is no longer enough to have the right hairstyle, straight from the runways the top detail consists in wearing only one earring. The rule is to rely on an important piece of jewelry, both in shape and in size. Because one is all you need. 

    Our take on this:

    It is inspired by the sea the Shell collection of SWAROVSKI, the shell-shaped earring with glossy metal shades, pearls and shimmering crystals. 


    Enough with the usual heels! Fashion seems to say: now the more shoes flaunt “stilts” with whimsical forms, the more they are loved. Beautiful to look at and fun to wear. What is certain, if you want to make this mood your own, you won't go unnoticed. The tip to avoid style mistakes? Don't overdo it with clothing when you opt for a shoe like this. 

    Our take on this:

    Of great effect is the Jorina slingback by CHIE of the designer CHIE MIHARA, in multi-colour suede with golden fabric applications and a wooden sculptured heel. 


    The one atop influencers’ pole position and the most seen during the runways of the coolest designers is certainly the fedora. It stands out for its distinctive wide-brim and the charm it can gift to whoever wears it. An outright fetish to be displayed. The new entry we don’t doubt will be the most copied by the addicted? The fisherman hat. The more fun versions protect from the rain. 

    Our take on this:

    The classic bucket hat takes on a more romantic feel if made of millerighe cotton, such as the one seen at VIVETTA’s show. 


    This season they stand out for their spectacular shapes and vivid colours. Half measures are banished, especially as far as earrings are concerned. A triumph of pearls, now they are worn cascade-style, on the neck, on the lobes, on wrists, but also on the head. The latest inspiration comes from the sea in the shape of shells that enchant with scenic effects which, even in the city, lead us back to the magic of the water. 

    Our take on this:

    Among the most scenic and ironic creations, we find the earrings reminding us of a cross between a raft and a star created by the designer VICTORIA HAYES.


    In the past, stars such as Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn flaunted it on their heads as a distinguishing mark of class. Nowadays it shows off such a versatile soul to be worn: on the hat, as a top, knotted on the hips or on a bag. The secret to give a special twist to any outfit? Choosing a contrasting pattern to create a diversion which catches the eye.

    Our take on this:

    Straight from the MISSONI runway, the foulard is worn as a bandana on the head and knotted on the waist with the tip falling sideways on one hip. Of course both with contrasting patterns. 


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