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Custo Barcelona presents a collection with a strong message of personal affirmation to resist and overcome difficult situations.

    Custo Barcelona lifts the spirits with “I am the Power”

    13 April 2021

    By Franco Lorenzon @nonsololook

    The brand presented its FW21/22 collection at NYFW, for the first time in the form of a fashion film. 

    True to this seasonal appointment, Custo Barcelona unveiled its proposals for the coming season on the FDLA platform during New York Fashion Week. 

    The different looks from the FW21/22 collection are revealed in this transgressive film, which offers a festive atmosphere, recalling happier times to which we all long to return to. Powerful women in search of unrestricted fun find themselves in unexpected situations with a dreamy, surrealist touch. A proposal full of comic episodes, inspired by the silent film era, with women enjoying the moment in a carefree way. 

    Under the banner of "I am the Power but you too", Custo Barcelona presents a collection with a strong message of personal affirmation to resist and overcome difficult situations. This new style of clothing goes hand in hand with a new awareness and a mantra, I am the Power, to be repeated in order to evoke one's own energy. A sexy and fascinating silhouette combined with a sporty and contemporary look. 

    The elaborate sweatshirt is a key part of the collection, with solid colors, colorful patterns or animal prints. Oversized, they are enlivened by multicolored embroidery, patches of bright technical materials and shiny applications. Sweatshirts, a must-have item of our times, are covered with technical down jackets with transparencies and technical materials, another hallmark of the season. Multi- logos, shine and embroidered details decorate these winter garments. 

    Patterned suits with large openings to show parts of the body and micro suits with fully embroidered parts are new to the collection. Multicolored stripes, pearly sheens and technical fabrics combine in Custo's bold style. 

    Another key element of the new collection are lightweight knitted fabrics with silk embroidery or heavier wool. The combination of technical fabrics defines the graphic image of the collection, showing the watchwords of a new consciousness: Wake up now. I am the Power, Raise your Vibes. 

    The color palette through which Custo is best expressed are bright and vibrant colors such as red, Yves Klein blue, fuchsia, optical white, ochre, orange and camel. All these are combined with various shades of black: deep black, matt black, glossy black or black/grey. Metallic sheens are in gold, silver, copper, pink and iridescent blue, and laminated transparencies are also used for garments designed to be enjoyed without apology. 

    A collection that expresses all the desire to return to being positive, joyful and full of energy so as to express personal affirmation. 





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