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Chanel Haute Couture Spring 2018
Haute Couture Chanel Spring 2018

    The Art Of Haute Couture

    02 March 2018

    The Art Of Haute Couture 
    Spring Collection 2018
    by Katja Schmolka
    Imagine being wrapped in a delicate evening gown embroidered with the most exquisite laces, made by the hand step by step. 
    The word Haute Couture dates back to the 17th Century is French and means "high dressmaking". Creations are custom made and constructed by hand from start to finish, made with the most exclusive fabrics like silk, organza, chiffon and often also with unusual materials. The love and dedication to the craft of hand-executed techniques make every piece unique and stand out. 
    How Haute Couture became socially acceptable 
    The English Fashion Designer Charles Frederick Worth produced in Paris in the mid-nineteenth century and was the first couturier who would allow his female clients to select colours and fabrics which was relatively uncommon at this time for women - to be part of the creation process.
    As for now, the Haute Couture rose to an act of living art. Couturiers set themselves no boundaries and let their imagination fly. Karl Lagerfeld head designer of Chanel, for instance, states that he doesn´t know what he is doing in a way - it´s just a feeling. Maria Grazia Chiuri at the helm of Dior chose to set her creations in the vibe of surrealism inspired by the artist Leonor Fini. " Surrealism speaks about dreams and the unconscious, and often about women´s bodies. "It´s very close to fashion".  
    Let´s be inspired and maybe create our own Haute Couture dresses one day.

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