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Bermuda shorts by N21.
Safari jacket by Antonio Croce.
Jesus sandals by Elisabetta Franchi.
Pantsuit by Luisa Spagnoli.
Pants by Massimo Dutti.

    Jungle Fever

    06 May 2020

    By Franco Lorenzon @nonsololook

    Fashion stylists have decided to give cities a more adventurous touch by stealing the sophisticated nuances of the desert. The mood coming from Africa leaves the characteristic jungle to embrace a more refined allure. The garments which cannot miss in a metropolis? The guides’ iconic safari jacket, the colonists’ unmissable pantsuit with a masculine cut, the residents’ comfortable sleeveless blouse or the Bermuda shorts worn by Meryl Streep in the cult movie: “Out of Africa”. Accessories also play their part and are colored in warm tones of hide and beige for the daytime, while at night they dare the glow of gold or alternate with the candour of white. Here’s what cannot miss in every woman’s wardrobe to be a perfect amazon of style.


    It’s the chicest jacket of colonial inspiration there is, it makes a comeback to the runways after a long vacation period. Perhaps not everyone knows that the original model was born in the 1800s, as an alternative article of clothing to battle the weather. The one who redeemed it from its past was Yves Saint Laurent, who in 1968 transformed it in a symbol of femininity that still fascinates to this day. Our proposal for you is by ANTONIO CROCE, made of leather with four patch pockets, zipper, and a waist belt.  


    The classic female suit made of jacket and trousers, in addition to being an evergreen of any era or style, is also quintessentially the perfect uniform when you want to convey an authoritative and elegant image. The item of clothing protagonist in this duo is certainly the jacket, here is what Giorgio Armani said at the beginning of his career, `The jacket was the first thing I wished to sign`. Our choice fell on the outfit seen walking the runway of LUISA SPAGNOLI, a laidback and very feminine set. The two-piece everyone would like. 


    After years of blouses and t-shirts, the shirt is born, among its evolutions, the latest is the sleeveless piece. Meanwhile Bermuda shorts, the classic knee-length shorts, prove to be one of the biggest successes of the female and male wardrobes. What happens when these two garments are worn together? One of the trendiest looks of this spring summer 2020 is created. An example for everyone is the outfit designed by N21, where rigour and a very contemporary taste enhance the silhouette with new surprising dictates. We like it! 


    If they did not exist, they would have to be invented. It’s the item of clothing that adapts to the moods and the needs of who wears it. A bit explorer of the desert, a bit adventurer on safari. Its soft but sensual line, rests on the hips and goes down to the ankle, where very often a 12-heeled shoe leaves us amazed! MASSIMO DUTTI, jumps at this mood with its pants that blend the elegance of a sandy nuance with a cut borrowed from the sporty world.


    While the heel ruling at night remains the undisputed stiletto, during the day we notice an inversion of the trend: the centimetres leave the pace to flats. They are the new ambassadors of contemporary elegance, adored by moms, daughters and grandmas. Each has her reason or need to wear them. It remains a fact that practicality and a glam style have never before gotten along so well. ELISABETTA FRANCHI, does not miss a shot with the gladiator sandal with strong tribal/chic echoes. Yet another confirmation that you can be stylish and at the same time comfortable.



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