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  • Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton´s book cover - The Trunk

    Louis Vuitton´Short Stories - THE TRUNK

    25 April 2013

    By Sabina Sturm  

    Louis Vuitton's collection of trunks is legendary. So it's only fitting that the fashion house is now dedicating an entire book to the fabulous travel item. Gaston-Louis Vuitton, grandson of the company's founder, collected newspaper articles about trunks and luggage with a passion, filing the stories into categories including spionage, sex, trains, Grand Hotels and princesses. Now 11 writers from Paris have taken these articles as inspiration for short stories. The tales feature legendary celebrities like Ernest Hemmingway and Harry Houdini, but also fictional characters like the Mona Lisa or a teddy bear. But the star of the stories – and the fabulous images by photographer Denis Rouvre -  is always the legendary trunk, surrounded by an aura of the old-times and travelling in style. Released in March 2013, the book is available exclusively in Louis Vuitton stores worldwide.

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