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  • movement_study_massimo_dutti_collection
  • movement_study_massimo_dutti_collection
  • movement_study_massimo_dutti_collection


    25 October 2020

    By Frano Lorenzon @nonsololook

    Massimo Dutti presents Movement Study. The FW20 Limited Edition Womens' Collections.

    An initiative that represents a further step forward along the path taken by the brand in the organization of fashion shows always characterized by creativity and high technology.

    On this occasion, Massimo Dutti surprises his followers with a unique project in which the catwalk is transformed into an illustrative microcosm of creativity and avant-garde.

    The entire project is constructed on the basis of a rigorously defined art concept and an aesthetic narrative, which develops on a visual representation level and a unique creative discourse that supports principles such as quality, coherence and rigour, all belonging to the DNA of the signature.

    The Movement Study visual project is based on a story photographed by Karim Sadli and interpreted by a cast of excellence: Felice Nova Noordhoff, Edie Campbell, Malick Bodian,

    Parker Van Noord, Victor Nylander, Sarah Dahl, Julie Trichot, DamarisGoddrie and Quentin Demeester.

    The Women's collection writes a new chapter characterized by an infinite number of successes that dictate the trends of the moment.

    Inspiration, precious materials and color contrasts invite discovery and make up a new season that shows a clear preference for the most versatile sobriety.

    The men's collection is concerned with the functionality and frugality of shapes through articles with an essential structure that guarantee freedom of movement.

    A collection that finds a balance between creativity and functionality, and communicates the messages of authenticity that characterise the present.

    Even the accessories show their most austere side in their aesthetic precepts, paying particular homage to exquisiteness and sobriety through structured and intense lines, with some concession to color.



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