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  • Prada Fall Winter Collection 2013
  • Prada Woman Runway Show Fall 13.
  • Prada Woman Runway Show Fall 13.
Prada fall winter collection 2013.
Prada┬┤s highly sophisticated Runway Space.

    Prada Undone - Reclaimed Space

    25 April 2013

    by Sabina Sturm

    Italian fashion legend Prada has once again collaborated with the architectural pioneers of AMO, this time to design the runway for their Fall/Winter 2013 fashion show in Milan. The audience, seated on a centered island, faced a “reclaimed space”, an urban, semi-industrial setting. With the look of an abandoned, dark back-alley, it created the perfect background for the new collection. Burnt wood planks and industrial metal sheets create the floor, grey and blue velvet curtains frame the walls. Images of idyllic settings and industrial space create an abstract panorama, expanding the show space into a post-romantic imagery. The models weave through this space, creating shadows, exploring and re-inhabiting the undefined large interior. Almost becoming one with the runway in Prada's new creations with the “Done and Undone” look.


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