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Graphic Black & White swimsuit by Guy Laroche.
Michael Kors Collection
M Missoni

    Summer Fling - Trends 19 Bikinis & Swimsuits

    19 July 2019


    Are you too, one of those who fear the bikini fitting more than anything else? Leave all doubts and uncertainties at home. Pack your coolest swimsuits for your next seaside weekends. Discover the right style for you, reading our mini-guide.

    Milan, By Franco Lorenzon @nonsololook


    Do you want to take a bit of transgression on holiday with you and a dare a "sauvage" look? Macu- lated, zebra and python, are the podium of the fantasies to aim for in order to live a hot summer. First and foremost, the maculated pattern in all its forms, the perfect ally if you feel like a woman with a wild soul and you want to walk with a stealthy step even on the beach.


    A great classic that has the (fantastic) advantage of shaping the silhouette thanks to the optical ef- fect. Do you want to slim it down? Choose the strategic vertical stripes. Do you need to fill in the figure? Wear a one-piece swimsuit with horizontal stripes. Like a good it girl you are looking for the stripes of the moment? Certainly opt for a costume with brightly colored stripes. A must!


    The most poetic trend is expressed with peonies, hydrangeas, daisies, lilacs and the protagonists ro- ses. A floral mood that covers bikinis and one-piece swimsuits with a bon ton allure. Among the top models, the flowers prefer 50s cuts, not surprisingly this type of costume is among the most viewed and worn by the stars. Tops and culottes are also worn in the evening, breaking them with colored garments. 


    Another theme that we could not do without is to shine in the sun. It doesn't matter whether it's by the sea or by the pool, what matters is that you wear a costume color: bronze, silver, copper or gold. Are you among the bravest? Wear it in the evening with a long transparent pleated skirt, as did the two style icons of the 80s: Grace Jones or Jerry Hall.


    How can we not talk about two essential colors like white and black? If you have decided for a whi- te costume, know that if you want to be a true fashion addict, the one to show must play with transparencies, lace and handmade embroidery. You can't do without black? Your sensuality must go through: necklines, holes and surprise effect cuts. And if you don't know how to decide between one of the two colors, the solution is a black & white model.


    The one-piece swimsuit with an American neckline and black and white design game by GUY LA- ROCHE.
    The striped two-pieces, inspired by the 50s with a skirt on the bottom from MMISSONI.
    The star super-colored two-pieces with precious contrasting inserts by CLARA AESTAS.
    The two-pieces white with retro taste made of macramé lace and 3D straps by MICHAEL KORS COLLECTION.


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