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By day - simply chic.
In the evening - femme fatale.
Pantsuit by Federica.
Shades by Pugnale.
Evening dress by Feleppa.
Jimmy Choo clutch Sweetie.

    "Women are made to be loved, not understood."

    22 June 2020

    By Franco Lorenzon @nonsololook

    "Women are made to be loved, not understood." With this Oscar Wilde quote, he made us understand that the female universe is a mystery, often containing a thousand facets. In fact, in every woman we find several unexpected sides. Do you also like to be discreet and elegant during the day and more fatal and cheeky at night? Find out how to enhance both sides of this personality and choose the look (or all and two) that will make whoever you want fall at your feet.  


    Your style is made of details. You love to update the classic without any excesses. Your color palette is composed by the refined camel and all the naked shades, occasionally daring the elegance of burnt tones. Your wardrobe doesn't lack impalpable dusters, suits, tracksuits and tailored dresses. For this personality your complexion must be bright, while your eyes and lips must be underlined by neutral shades such as beige, pink, honey, bronze or caramel.


    Before make-up, you love to dedicate special care to your complexion. The super effective product you were looking for is YVES SAINT LAURENT PURE SHOTS LIGHT UP, a serum that gives instant radiance and evens out your complexion. For an impeccable, natural, second-skin effect, rely on a cushion foundation such as PRECIOUSKIN PERFECT FINISH CUSHION FOUNFATION SPF30, by DOLCE&GABBANA BEAUTY. An important detail of your makeup? Lips underlined by a very chic pink lipstick like COLOR LIP SHINE N° 66 a delicate pink from the FEEL THE SUMMER IT-PIECE collection by ARTDECO. A unique touch of blush on your cheeks for a "bonne minne" look with NEO NUDE A-BLUSH N°50, by GIORGIO ARMANI BEAUTY. Now you're ready to go out with a refined and bonding beauty look. 


    The season's top of the line for the day's engagements? It can only be a blazer; choose it slightly over, with a double-breasted closure in a semi-gloss fabric, like the BERSHKA model, elegant but versatile at the same time. Below, if you want to break the mould while maintaining a certain elegance, go with a ton sur ton suit, with a "V" neckline and high sash to tie at the waist. It gives style and allows ease between an appointment and the other. The lion's share will be to the advantage of the accessories: a pair of designer glasses such as the limited edition Biki model by PUGNALE EYEWEAR, the straw shopper bag with tobacco leather inserts signed by KNEED, and the reptile printed leather slingback by FABI, feminine and tapered but with a medium heel that is step-proof. With an outfit like this, you'll always be tidy for any occasion whatsoever, making you stand out for your discreet yet refined elegance. 


    Sensual, refined and unreachable, as in a film of the past. In the evening you wear precious clothes in iridescent fabrics. To feel like a real " Movie Star" you use flashy jewellery and the latest fashion accessories. The makeup that best enhances your allure is realized with: a radiant base and smokey eyes, while your lips are lit by bright and bold colors. The diva in you loves a touch of perfume in your hair and does not give up a strong contrast. 


    After a busy day, it takes something special to give your skin a booster of energy. The right product is VITAMIN C CERAMIDE CAPSULES RADIANCE RENEWAL SERUM by ELIZABETH ARDEN, each single-dose capsule contains a serum in dry oil with an illuminating and anti-ageing power thanks to Vitamin C and Ceramides. The secret to having a skin with a radiant, sun-kissed look? All you need is a compact powder that illuminates and unifies your complexion in seconds without exposure to the sun. Its name is PHYTO TOUCHE ILLUSION D'ETÉ by SISLEY PARIS. To be seductive and avoid shyness, you have to focus on your lips in the foreground; the unequivocal color can only be a passionate red. Let yourself be tempted by the new ALUMETTE N°1 by SERGE LUTENS, a lipstick based on high definition Argan oil with a matte finish. The most seductive gesture in a woman is to touch and play with her hair. If you love to use them to catch the attention of the beholder, just spray a few pumps of SIGNORINA RIBELLE HAIR MIST by SALVATORE FERRAGAMO, a delicate spray with a light formula that does not grease the hair and releases the unmistakable notes of the famous fragrance. 


    Now it's time to wear an outfit that makes you shine like a star; with every step, those who look at you will be enchanted.. To strike a perfect balance, wear a mini dress sprinkled with a thousand glittering blue sequins. The model proposed by FELEPPA, passes the test and captures with its sexy and playful look. A glittering 10 heel glittered décolleté with shades of blue and silver by FORMENTINI is a must. In your hand you must have a super glam clutch, always sparkling, so you have to choose the model with sweetie shoulder strap by JIMMY CHOO. A single jewel but one that is impressive. STROILI, suggests a cuff bracelet with crystals and colored stones set. One last look in front of the mirror, we bet you'll feel like a knockout.


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