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Christiano Burani


    25 April 2019

    This is the time of year when it is easy to "fall into the ball" once you open the closet. Every spring, with the change of season, you never know what to wear to renew your style, let alone what to choose for new purchases. Here are the tips of the expert to make the most of this spring 2019's five must-haves. 

    By Franco Lorenzon @nonsololook


    It was easily found in the wardrobe of our mothers and grandmothers, indeed, the pleated skirt was a must. An evergreen garment that has been coming back into the limelight for some seasons now. What’s the newest way to wear it this spring? By copying from the main runways where you can get the coolest twist, it goes with a shirt in branded or floral pattern. For more formal or elegant engagements, choose a fabric such as refined silk or practical cotton. For the most fashionable occasions or to go out to the disco with your friends, bet on more trendy materials such as leather, in bright metal colours, or with gold and silver coated effects. 

    Our choice is ...

    CRISTIANO BURANI shows on the runway the black pleated transparent skirt that can be worn either alone with a lining underneath, or over the jacket or a blazer for a surprise look. 


    If you are one of those who are thinking of wearing an elegant blouse in horror, convinced that she was "Aunt Pina", you must think again. Never before has it been one of the most seen pieces in the collections of designers. Is this the must-have model for everyone? The sleek shirt with a bow. Before, you used to wear a t-shirt with jeans, now, to be modern but with a touch of bon ton you prefer the shirt with a bow. Very beautiful even if worn with shortcomes, Chanel proposed them in her latest Parisian défilé. Strange but true: it seems that the young people who love to play with vintage style love it the most. Is this the rule for all? Choose it in a pastel alluance or to be more gritty in animal fantasy. 

    Our choice is ...

    DOLCE&GABBANA propose the transparent blouse in leopard pattern with laces to form a beautiful bow. Super cool if worn with an exposed black bra or a lingerie bodice.


    If you want to make your figure, legs and ankle look slimmer, know that the shades of pink, beige and powder in a shoe are not only a safety, but also a real passe-partout for elegance and impeccability in any occasion. You can choose between: décolletées, ballerinas or sneakers. The décolleté model is perfect for occasions where a formal and elegant look is required. Wear it with the classic black, blue or grey sheath dress. Would you like to play them down? An 80's look: blazer, t-shirt and sheath dress jeans. The dancer is the choice of the most romantic: the most contemporary ones have important details and bows, often with pointed out fashion shows. How do you wear them? With pileups or long fluttering skirts. Over tops or over blouses in superimpositions. For the trendiest, choose sneakers with metal inserts or glittering applications. If you like to be super cool, wear them with elegant suits or tulle and leather nail skirts. The result is a real influencer!

    Our choice is ...

    GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI in its Spring/Summer 2019 collection confirms once again the décolleté in the classic powder colour with stiletto heel and pointed shape. A must-have piece.


    When it comes to suits, we immediately think of jackets and trousers in classic colors: black, blue, white and grey. Fashionistas change their faces and are tinged with bright shades: fuchsia, yellow, red, orange and turquoise. If you want to be at the level of the most famous influencers, go even further by wearing a micro or macro floral pattern, a real must! The secret to making every outfit unforgettable? Forget the classic shirt or blouse and wear it with a super sexy top of sequins or lamé. An important evening awaits you? Aim at the suit and amaze everyone with super shiny maxi jewellery accompanied by jewel sandals with stiletto heels in the same colour as the accessories. Success is guaranteed!

    Our choice is ...

    MICHAEL KORS COLLECTION plays with a suit that has a retro flavour but an absolutely contemporary fabric. A refined total look, versatile if worn breaking it up with other pieces. 


    Get ready; we will have a real invasion of chemisers for this spring, and especially for the summer that will come. Never has a woman's garment become so versatile and easy to interpret. The versions we were used to are the classic with small collar, buttons and long sleeves. Or the most practical one, where you could wear it as a costume cover whenever you wanted a quick garment to wear to go to the beach. It turns into something really fashionable if worn open to the waist, with shorts, cyclists or leggings below the knee. For a gritty and unconventional look. Want to give it even more character? A pair of Texan boots for a coast to coast flavour, or ankle booties with an important heel. Too sexy! 

    Our choice is ...

    PRADA always manages to masterfully mix styles from the past and details with futuristic and improbable charm. An example? This chemisier with a classic cut, made unique by the contrasting ruffles.



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