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  • elena_miro_alessandro_dellacqua_fw21_collection
  • elena_miro_alessandro_dellacqua_fw21_collection
  • elena_miro_alessandro_dellacqua_fw21_collection
  • elena_miro_alessandro_dellacqua_fw21_collection
Lara Stone captured by the lens of Mert & Marcus.


    22 March 2021

    By Franco Lorenzon @nonsololook

    THE CONCEPT for the new autumn-winter 2021-22 collection by Elena Mirò, is a turning point not only in terms of style but also in terms of communication thanks to the collaboration with Alessandro Dell'Acqua. 

    Beyond clichés and against stereotypes. To compose a narrative of the canons of a natural safety that tells the story of femininity starting from the waist and the décolleté. The Capsule Collection designed by Alessandro Dell'Acqua for Elena Mirò proposes a fashion that renews its own language in order to portray women as such and not as expressions of preconceptions. There are no size or dimension restrictions, no shape conditioning: this is why the silhouette and proportions design a silhouette that respects the free and naturally curved movement of the female body. 


    "I worked with a concept that goes beyond inclusiveness. Creating a fashion collection with a wide range of sizes could result in a mannerism that has no real meaning of inclusiveness but simply gives a commercial motivation to political correctness. Instead, I wanted to go further and think about constructing desirable clothes without letting myself be constrained by the rules of size, any size at all. I applied myself to technologically transforming fabrics to increase their comfort, even when they are as heavy as tweed, and I pushed away any easy solution that could give the feeling of wrapping women in a baggy shape. I accepted this s da because I am convinced that you can work on this theme without falling into the cliché of curvy fashion". 


    In its deliberate versatility, the Alessandro Dell'Acqua X Elena Mirò Capsule Collection aligns variable solutions: dresses and skirts composed with "boiserie" technique in lace and organza with alternating panels in black and beige that create an architectural hecto; jackets, skirts and coats in the barbed grey tweed typical of men's tailoring; knitted slip dresses and coats that mimic ribbed maxi cardigans; pink looks in various shades composed of double overcoats combined with pencil skirts and small cardigans; slim-fit dresses in black guipure that overlaps dramatically with a nude-coloured fourreau; crepe mini-dresses with a high collar fastened by an occo that descends to the shoulders; wool dresses with a double V-neckline that take on a sudden red color. The shapes and volumes are those of an ergonomic anatomy underlined by belts cinched at the waist in a silhouette elevated on pointed pumps in black, grey or cream. 


    The physicality and personality of the woman imagining this Capsule Collection is interpreted by Lara Stone. The Dutch supermodel and actress, who played a major role in a great season of international fashion, returns to the glossy pages, captured by the lens of Mert & Marcus, the photographic duo who have influenced the glamorous image of the last two decades, in a campaign that recaptures the natural attitudes and behaviours of those women to whom contemporary life has restored awareness of their personality and image. As well as recognising the legitimacy of the reclaimed right to be themselves as they wish and not as they are asked. 


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