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Botanical flair is in the air.
Cotton dress by Desmond & Dempsey for H&M.
Selection of the Most Beautiful Flowers by Pierre-Joseph Redouté by TASCHEN.
Sweatshirt by Helena Christensen for H&M. Photography featured in this collection by Helena Christensen.
Necklace by Florian Jewelry.

    Botanical flair is in the air

    19 May 2020


    By Katja Schmolka @katjaschmolka

    The past nine weeks haven´t been a bed of roses so far for many folks around the globe. Who would have ever imagined that the whole world would shut down because of a virus - COVID19, that has been keeping us busy since February 2020. But the good news is that fashion and art have always been quite resilient to otherwordly situations. Let´s think of the economic crash in 2008, where Anna Wintour´s brainchild Fashion`s Night Out came to birth, or the many fundraisers that have been popping up recently like A Common Thread Fashion Fund founded by the CFDA with the mission to support emerging fashion designers and brands, helping them financially to get through the COVID19 crisis. Fashion and art have the power to bring us together, even when the virus tries to keep us apart.

    Fashion has been here to seduce, surprise, and push bounderies, no matter which situation the creative world faces. 

    Be inspired by our flower power trends!

    1.) Necklace by Florian Jewelry, Image by Jakob Tillmann. 2) Cotton dress with palm tree prints by Desmond & Dempsey in collaboration with Hennes & Mauritz. 3.) Coffee Table book by Pierre - Joseph Redouté " Selection of the Most Beautiful Flowers" by Taschen. 4.) Sweatshirt with expressive photographs of flowers by Helena Christensen in collaboration with Hennes & Mauritz for her Capsule collection. Christensen also shot the campaign images.



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