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Elegant and smart for the office.
Window-shopping; Practical and colorful.
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    31 July 2020

    By Franco Lorenzon @nonsololook

    After the lockdown, in this phase 2 and probably also during phase 3, the preferred solution for many people to move around the city, given the summer weather will be with bicycles, scooters and even skates. We asked our stylist to give us some tips on how to get the perfect outfit on two wheels, which is also comfortable and fashionable, for work or any appointment. We will never run out of Beauty tips to help you look impeccable. These are our three winning combinations, choose yours and go! 


    For work commitments you need an outfit that is comfortable but also formal to make you feel comfortable at all times on any business occasion. Before riding your scooter through the streets of the city, take a look at our stylist's choices. You'll find they're perfect for you.


    The color palette focuses on shades of beige, ivory and leather. Elegant shades that lend themselves beautifully to the tasks ahead. A pleated blouse with a "V" neckline, accompanied by a soft, masculine cut trousers with pences and waist belt, both garments were designed by CLAUDIE PIERLOT. The elegant eco-leather logoed shoulder strap is by GUESS. At the feet the tobacco-colored Mango sandal with coconut print, square heel and ankle strap. You can't miss the urban-chic style sunglasses like the Shadow model by BOLON EYEWEAR.


    To protect the skin from sun radiation and pollution, Ampoulet Protect SPF30 by LABORATOIRE SVR, an anti-UV concentrate that corrects spots and wrinkles and can also be applied over makeup. On the lips, on the other hand, a creamy lipstick with a nude and bright shade like KONSCIOUS VEGAN LIPSTICK N°6 by KIKO MILANO. 


    What could be better than a bike ride with your best friend to go window-shopping? For an occasion like this you have to be practical without giving up color and a fashion addicted look. 


    Start with the vintage and feminine shirt by AMERICAN VINTAGE, as well as the garment that fits perfectly for this dive in the shops of the centre. You'll get the right twist with SFIZIO's orange Bermuda shorts, a colour shot that will electrify everyone. As footwear you need sneakers with a more glittering version created by MOACONCEPT, embellished with colored stones. The top bag? Large, indestructible and super colorful like YNOT, in macro floral pattern. One thing you can't do without is the cat-eye glasses with crystallized Swarovski crystals by VANNI EYEWEAR. 


    The main enemies of the skin when cycling are UV rays and pollution. To neutralize all external damage and strengthen the skin barrier, apply PERFECTIONIST PRO AQUA UV GEL SPF50 by ESTÉE LAUDER. Do you want a sun kissed effect? Don't give up the blush, apply a cream product gently on the cheeks, as if you were on a sunny day. The product you'll love is CHEEKS OUT FREESTYLE CREAM BLUSH FUEGO FLUSH by FENTY BEAUTY. 


    The most anticipated moment of the day has finally arrived: an aperitif with friends. Let's get on your latest fashionable scooter; this is the glam outfit to copy for such a glittering occasion. Especially if you know you're going to go to that cute little place and meet him; the guy who's making your heart beat faster. 


    The winning idea is to choose one of the summer colours: yellow. The one-shoulder yellow lace dress with over-the-knee length created by FELEPPA is a proposal that will undoubtedly make you stand out when you enter the club. On your wrist, there is no jewel but simply a yellow watch with a luminous dial by BIJOU BRIGITTE. To make you know who you are right away, put on a sandal that you won't forget as easily as the N°21 sandal with paquerettes print and block heel. Your choice of bag should fall on something very cool like the Wanda bag by GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI, made of suede with a maxi gold buckle. 


    On an occasion like this, your eyes must shine with a glittering eye shadow. Name? CAVIAR STICK EYE COLOR GOLDEN by LAURA MERCIER. Don't forget to spray a fragrance that leaves its mark on the skin and the edge of your skirt. PUNTA ALA by SALVATORE FERRAGAMO, with its notes that smell of flowers, citrus fruits and woods, will leave a trail behind you full of emotions.


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