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Trench coat by Sfizio.
Shades by Blackfin.
Silk dress in nude color by N.21.
Boots by Loriblu.
Suit in nude look by Delfrance.
It bag by RB Ramona Busani.


    16 December 2019


    By Franco Lorenzon @nonsolollok

    Beige or camel? What matters the most is that it has to be nude. One of the most loved types of nuances among influencers and stars. For this season outfits were seen on the catwalk enhanced by the class of these nuances are so many. Here are the key pieces of a true ladylike wardrobe.


    For autumn / winter season the trench coat sheds its skin, pardon, material. The details will remain the usual: central buttoning, important lapels, slanted pockets, lace or waistband. What makes it special is not the fabrics but rather the materials it is made of. The coolest ones seen on the runway and now in the most famous stores are bright, technological, and almost futuristic. For those who have not decided for oversized silhouettes, the focus is on material effects such as vinyl, paint or extra-glossy coated fabrics. Sfizio embraces the mood with its proposal in a very soft vinyl made in a sophisticated shade of beige. So chic!


    Impossible to live without it. Not just the bag, but a pattern that reminds the class of Grace Kelly. You’ll see how impeccable it is when combined with an elegant look, as well, if worn to break the look with jeans and a sport jacket. This type of accessory is now cleared through customs even among the youngest ones who at first used to steal it secretly from their mothers and grandmothers. After years in which the inspiration for many designers and brands came from the street, now to dictate the law in the fashion system are the contaminations of epochs. The model in Cocco print leather and bamboo handle by RB Ramona Busani is the perfect interpreter of this style.


    The timeless one: the cocktail dress. More elegant and sophisticated than any other day dress. Even the woman who has few social commitments has in her wardrobe that one piece that stands out, suitable for an aperitif or for a special occasion where you want to be more sought after. The newer ones focus on shiny decorations preferring rigorous silhouettes, enhanced by special cuts and fabrics. The lengths vary depending on the age range of the wearer. The young women have fun with the miniskirts, the "ladies" do not give up the hem that touches the knee, while the more fashionable ones let themselves be tempted by the longuette skirts. A carefully chosen choice is the N21 proposition with its design pattern that recalls certain femininity of the past.


    How can you give up the charm of a nice pair of glasses even in winter? Those who do not wear them even on a cloudy day are very few. Because? Simply because they give character to the face, making it more enigmatic, and giving a diva allure. The most popular frames at the moment oscillate between cat shapes and maxi volumes. On the podium, we find the black color, followed by golden effects, but the real seasonal innovations are the nude-colored frames. They illuminate the complexion, enhance the make-up but above all, they are terribly chic! Blackfin chooses an elegant shape highlighted by contrasting materials such as metal and plexiglass. Timeless eyewear.


    If you ask a fashion journalist or a fashion editor which one is a hot look for the autumn-winter 19-20 season, among her answers there will be: the suit. The most formal suit par excellence, emblem of the manager woman, after the boom of the 1980s, acquires a new twist thanks to surprisingly contemporary combinations and lines. The most practical ones will wear the blazer and trouser version, the most feminine ones will not give up the jacket and skirt. Whatever the choice, it does not matter, the suit remains a passe-partout piece of the female wardrobe. An example of a new stylistic evolution is offered by Delfrance with the suit with a tailored cut jacket and the asymmetrical flared skirt. An intriguing mix between past and future.


    Among the seasonal footwear, a place of honor goes to the boot. Available in all versions and variants, it is worn from morning to evening, without interruption. The materials and decorations that will make it gradually change to versatile and chameleonic. Having abandoned the predominantly sports accessory label, it becomes the right element to give any outfit determination but still with class. The day versions must have a detail that makes it super fashionable, for proposals intended for the evening, it is required to stand out for their sparkling effects or precious applications. The difficulty is to find that piece that manages to combine the need to be devoid of too many frills for the commitments of the day, without falling into a banal style for the evening, so much so that it cannot be used when leaving the office for an aperitif. Loriblu offers us its idea of ​​"24-hour elegance" with the essential design stub, enhanced however by the sculpture heel. Simply perfect!


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