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Couture Made in L.A - One Trieu Yeu. Gordana Gehlhaus and Skye Drynan present their collection at a fundraiser event in Hollywood.

    ZIP MAG Interview - Couture Made in L.A. - One Trieu Yeu

    12 March 2018




    Gordana Gehlhausen and Skye Drynan are the eclectic women behind the fashion house Onetrieuyeu. ZIP Mag met with the designer duo for an intimate conversation about, fashion, passion and life.

    by Katja Schmolka

    You just teamed up and founded the fashion house Onetrieuyeu. What was your motivation to do so? What was the inspiration for your brand`s name?

    Skye: The whole process was organic. When Gordana came to visit me in Montana, she gave me a backless bra she invented. I got goosebumps when I tried it on because it looked sexy and actually provided support. I was literally jumping up and down in my closet and everything stayed where it should.

    I am 34D and I thought, wow this is amazing! I said, “Hey, I think this could be big!! Do you want to start a Company?!” She said, “Sure!” So just like that, we started working on a plan to patent this invention and others globally. We already had a charity together, so it made sense to put everything including the couture clothing under one umbrella. That’s how One Trieu Yeu was born.

    Our inspiration for our brand name is a play on words. One Trieu Yeu is pronounced like “One True You,” as in being true to yourself. Trieu is a legendary warrior who predated Joan of Arc. She is embraced for her honour, fearlessness, intelligence, and beauty. Yeu means love and ties into our charity Fashion Luv U. We believe in fashion giving back and a percentage of all One Trieu Yeu’s sales goes to Fashion Luvs U. Our foundation’s interests are vast and range from helping with poverty, healthcare, and animal rescue.

    Gordana when did you first come in touch with fashion? And what was the driving moment to create your label?

    Gordana: I was creating outfits since my early childhood. Growing up in a communist country, we were not exposed to an abundant amount of fabrics, so I needed a large amount of improvisation and creativity. My mom used to hide the scissors from me because I was cutting anything fabric related - including the bedding and my dad´s shirts. I learned how to make yarn out of sheep´s wool and dye fabrics using plants.

    Skye, what was your first interaction with fashion? And what do you love about fashion?

    Skye: My first interaction with fashion came from my two grandmothers. I “secretly” raided their closets and would play dress up for hours. I safe-keep my grandma Claudia’s hat collection and some of my grandma Kayko’s clothing circa World War II.

    I love fashion because it is an artistic way to express myself. Most of my life I have worked on Wall Street in a sea of grey and black suits. I like going to my own drum beat and fashion is a reflection of that. 

    Who is the woman who wears your dresses? And how do you approach them at your first meeting?

    Gordana: The women wearing our brand are the ones who live their lives to the fullest. Who don`t let life control them, but are in charge of their own destiny. These women recognize themselves in our designs and usually they approach us.

    Skye: The women who wear our fashions blaze their own trails. They are confident, elegant, strong, radiant, intelligent, and independent. Our global clients range from celebrities, businesswomen, brides, to fashionistas.

    Gordana, you are the head designer of your brand. Where do you draw your inspirations from and which fabrics are your favourite ones to work with?

    I love working with natural fibers because I can dye and manipulate them more easily. I love textures and I am constantly experimenting with fabrics and how to change them. Travelling is a huge part of my inspiration. I love meeting different cultures and exploring different countries. Designing clothes is like meditation for me. I feel propelled to do it. 

    Skye, you are taking care of the business side of Onetrieuyeu. What are your goals for the near future?

    Our goal is to build brand recognition so that we can leave a positive fingerprint on the world through our creativity and philanthropy. My hope is that our story will inspire others that if you dream big and work hard that anything is possible. It’s hard to believe that our paths crossed. It is sort of crazy that two country girls growing up on the opposite side of the planet would join forces to create a fashion house!

    Gordana & Skye, what do you like about working together as a team? 

    Gordana: Skye and I have huge respect for each other and each other´s talents. We give each other the freedom of expression. I like the fact that I can solely concentrate on the design and I trust Skye will make the best business decisions for the brand.  

    Skye: We inspire each other; we trust each other’s judgement, and we have a lot of fun! Plus I get to spend more time with my Bestie.

    If you both had one wish to choose from, what would you wish for?

    Skye: I wish that we come to a point where society is enlightened enough to recognize that we are all sentient beings. My hope is that we have the courage and strength to stay true to ourselves and stand up for those who can’t.

    Gordana: My one wish would be for everyone to live in a society where there is no struggle for a basic existence, but where people can contribute to humanity by doing something they love and are passionate about.

    Thank you for the interview.




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