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  • Anja Niemi, Darlene I, 2016. Courtesy Galerie XII.
  • 02_©Quentin Shih, TB05.JB61.TG27.05, 2015, Courtesy of Galerie XII
  • ©Tyler Haughey, Malibu Motel, 2016, courtesy of Sears-Peyton Gallery
Anja Niemi, Darlene I, 2016. Courtesy Galerie XII.
02_©Quentin Shih, TB05.JB61.TG27.05, 2015, Courtesy of Galerie XII.
©Tyler Haughey, Malibu Motel, 2016, courtesy of Sears-Peyton Gallery.


    05 February 2020

    Los Angeles,

    By Katja Schmolka @katjaschmolka

    Photo L.A. highlighted hundreds of works by both renowned and up-and-coming talents. Moments were captured playfully in black and white and color, telling the finest stories from the past but also mirroring the current Zeitgeist. For four days, one could become one with the art of photography through lectures and conversations hosted by folks from the industry and art scene.


    America’s longest-running international photographic art fair on the West Coast, Photo L.A. has been on the horizon for almost three decades, appreciated by collectors, galleries, dealers, art schools, nonprofits, and global booksellers from around the globe. Presented in the spotlight of the historic Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, apparently a hot spot on L.A.’s ‘it map’, Photo L.A. added its flair and magic to this historic place. The mystical universe of storytelling has always been a place of admiration and curiosity by those who admire this form of art. A roster of 70 local and international galleries showcased the best works of their artists, curated and put together in the finest way. 

    A subtle murmur floated through the cold air on the opening night of the fair; the colorful diverse crowd of international visitors were dressed in the most diverse and authentic ways. From the glamourous style to the intellectual sleek-understated horn-rimmed glasses style, guests once again demonstrated their appreciation for this well-regarded iconic photographic art fair. Photography has been a subject of fascination ever since its invention almost 200 years ago, gaining more and more exclusivity and credibility in the world of fine art. Pictures talk to us; they touch our inner souls. Ever since, photographs have had the significance of being compared to a jewel: immensely precious because it comes with its very own personal story. They can be contemporary witnesses of times gone by or witnesses of the now. 


    The opening night gala graciously benefited Venice Arts, a nonprofit with the noble mission to ignite, inspire, and transform the lives of Los Angeles’ low-income youth through photography, film education, and storytelling. Using their voices, they highlight the circumstances of underrepresented communities around the world. This is a mission with a huge impact on those who need our society’s help the most - especially in times that are unstable, where capitalism takes over like an expanding shadow, slowly but surely destroying the soul of Menschlichkeit. 

    Art has always has been a vehicle for the expression of the socioeconomic and political circumstances in a place and time; a reflection of hopes, wishes, and dreams which are raw, truthful, sometimes unadorned, and real. 

    Artists of all genres have and will always be the shakers and movers of our times. ALWAYS.



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