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  • trends_color_fall_winter_2019_zip_magazine
  • trends_color_fall_winter_2019_zip_magazine
  • trends_color_fall_winter_2019_zip_magazine
  • trends_color_fall_winter_2019_zip_magazine
  • trends_color_fall_winter_2019_zip_magazine
A colorful winter. Must-haves for your closet.
Jacket in leopard print by no21.
Pumps by Mario Valentino.
Basket bag by Villa Trentuno.
Classic leather jacket by Mangano.
Cardigan by MRZ.

    Pieces That Everybody Wants

    19 November 2019


    By Franco Lorenzon @nonsololook

    The countdown has started, with the arrival of winter, even the wardrobe needs to be renewed. For the always late and for those who don't know how to find their way through purchases and fashion must: the 6 trends that will make you the perfect fashion addict.


    Bold, vibrant, protagonist. Red has the ability to engage the wearer and capture the viewer. Its cheeky appeal is liked because it holds a timeless elegance. The personalities who mainly love it are self-confident, ready to be protagonists on every occasion. If you don't feel like you belong to this category, that's all right, learn to dose it little by little. Are you waiting for a special occasion? Dare a total look, you will be surprised by the success you will achieve with others. The friendly colors of this color are: black, white and for the evening, gold and silver. The most unexpected proposal is from Frankie Morello, with its cheeky look wool dress, with flirtatious marabou feathers at the bottom.


    Those are the model of footwear most loved by women and one that is never missing in any wardrobe, regardless of age, tastes or fashions. When you think of an all-purpose shoe, the pumps are by definition those that the female universe hardly gives up to. Feminine, elegant, sensual in every occasion of use. This season, however, if you want to make the rules in the office or at the aperitif, wear one that has a Fifties soul. How to recognize it? Tapered tip, thin spool heels, never too high. The most loved in the past by Grace Kelly and Jackie Kennedy. The great advantage of this must, is that they can be worn from morning to the evening. Mario Valentino presents them in a delicate shade of suede blue with contrasting leather inserts in leather on the toe. Perfect with a look that is as sporty/chic as it is ladylike.


    Among the hot materials of fall and winter, leather certainly plays a leading role. Unlike the other seasons, this year it has a more couture appearance, with a true femme fatale look. First and foremost, the sinuous dress caressing the shapes of the body, followed by the coat with a belt or lace that strategically emphasizes the waistline. The classic black leather jacket almost becomes a sexy corset that promises amazing surprises. The "second skin" pants or masculine cut trousers are a must. Even the skirts oscillate between the provocative “pencil skirt” to the newer, pleated maxi skirt. The accessories? Design bags and vertiginous shoes like a true underground gazelle. Mangano rides the mood with the black biker jacket that you can wear... leather on leather.


    In the past, it was the accessory by definition of our grandmothers' picnics, and for some seasons it has made a comeback in the main designer fashion shows and top brands. Those on which to focus are realized in a modern way, distinguished by technological materials and absolutely unexpected and refined details. How to wear it? To break the routine of classic handbags. The charm of this model lies in owning the value that well suits to casual but also elegant looks. Do you have classic tastes? Focus on colors like black, gray, tobacco or burgundy. Do you want to be cooler? Green light for pastel, metal or red shades. Villa Trentuno is inspired by the constellations, in the leather and suede basket we find an original decoration made with studs and fake diamonds.


    Once again, the leopard print is a dominant dictate that will accompany us throughout the cold season. Cross and delight of many, animal prints with the most exotic and elegant charm will rub off the whole female wardrobe, with no exception for the most glamorous accessories. Coats and jackets will have a new feline look, bikers will give a more roaring appeal, while skirts and shirts will be the perfect allies to break an outfit that would be too obvious. The colors to match? The first is the elegance of black, the verve of red and if you are looking for an extremely chic style, all nuances of beige will be a winning move. In anticipation of a particular evening, you can imitate the more famous influencers by playing with a total look broken by different sizes of maculated. N21 conquers us thanks to the warm hooded jacket that contains both a sporty soul and a touch of elegance, making it a garment from morning to the evening.


    Flipping through fashion magazines and all the previews from the F.W. 19-20 fashion shows, it doesn't take long to understand knitwear is a real must-have. With the arrival of the first colds, the garment on which one relies to get a feeling of "warmth" is definitely the sweater. The hard part for many is to understand which models to aim for in order to have the style of the moment. On the podium, we find the maxi cardigan: warm, enveloping and super trendy. The newest way to wear it is with a flared or pleated skirt. In contrast, the micro pull: it is worn with a shirt and stands out for its short length on the waist and sleeves. The boxy shirt: an oversized, short, square piece that can be worn with a masculine style, vice versa, with a hyper-feminine lingerie dress. Another big news of the season is the entry of knitwear for the evening. MRZ nails it with the super-contemporary 3D-knitted sweater.



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