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  • scarosso_spicy_ballet_shoe
  • scarosso_spicy_ballet_shoe
  • scarosso_spicy_ballet_shoe
The Capsule Collection by Scarosso, Spicy Ballet.


    04 February 2021


    By Franco Lorenzon @nonsololook

    After several successful collaborations for men, this year Scarosso has decided to develop a Capsule Collection of women's footwear.

    A first and important project in this direction for which Scarosso has decided to involve the well-known designer Paula Cademartori. A choice that stems from the desire to evolve in order to satisfy a public with ever-changing tastes, without compromising the identity of the brand, namely the elegance and quality typical of Scarosso products.

    The result of this partnership is a shoe with a strong personality, but with a feminine and versatile attitude: the Spicy Ballet.

    These luscious flats are available in different nuances and materials, with decisive and refined details, which, while maintaining great refinement and elegance, give a sensual allure to the wearer - for example through cut-outs that gently show off certain parts of the foot. An important key to interpreting this capsule collection is the versatility that the designer wanted for the ballet shoes: cross-season, because their comfort and style make them perfect for a dynamic woman who is always on the move, perfect for a business meeting in the morning or a flirtatious happy hour in the evening; cross-aging, suitable for all ages, but above all for those who choose what to wear according to their personality rather than to the standards linked to their age.

    The details of the shoe are meticulously studied, the waves are valid as decoration but also indicate the control of the fitting, and the toe gives impetus to the shoe and thus to the foot itself.

    The red transversal cleat, on the other hand, is a tribute to the Scarosso sole and adds a "spicy" detail to the ballerina. In addition, each variant is named after a flower, a timeless symbol of femininity and grace in Brazil.



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