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  • carolyne_faulkner_interview_zip_magazine
  • carolyne_faulkner_interview_zip_magazine
  • carolyne_faulkner_interview_zip_magazine
  • carolyne_faulkner_interview_zip_magazine
  • carolyne_faulkner_interview_zip_magazine
Carolyne Faulkner is the founder & creator of Dynamic Astrology. Pastel headshot: Image by Camilo Morales.
Gucci watch image: Concept/creation by Carolyne Faulkner @ D/A London. Watch image: R/GA
Your Stars - An Empowering Guide for 2020. Written and created by Carolyne Faulkner.
Flipbook: Aquarius © D/A London.
Flipbook progress page: Aquarius © D/A London.
Skyline image © D/A London.


    21 July 2020


    Creativity is like a wave in the ocean. You have got to surf that wave because you don´t know how long it´s gonna last.”

    Carolyne Faulkner

    By Katja Schmolka @katjaschmolka

    On a sunny Wednesday morning at 11am Pacific Time, we Zoomed in with the fabulous and witty Carolyne Faulknera super mom, renowned Astrologer, life coach, creator & founder of Dynamic Astrology, and author of several books. She has become the guru of contemporary astrology for the super creatives floating around in the film, fashion, and art universe. 

    Katja Schmolka: Astrology is such a fascinating world. When was the first time that you were drawn to it? Was there a special happening in your childhood?

    Carolyne Faulkner: When I was a child, I was extremely attuned to the spirit world. I was educated by nuns so I was extremely into God. I used to have prophetic dreams; these dreams would come and then literally they would happen. I had an accelerated sense of intuition, so my sensitivity was through the roof and my whole life I tried to find ways to exist. I didn’t have the same mask that everybody else had, so people would judge youyou can be judged by many things as being little rough around the edges, or disruptive. My mum was very spiritual and so was my grandmother. My grandmother would read people's tea leaves, she was quite intuitive. Also, I am Welsh; it´s that whole Druid Celtic connection. I very much struggled growing up. I was very wild. I spent my time with my horse and my dog, I didn´t care very much for the tracking of society. But I needed to learn to fit into society. 

    I actually started to study meditation and I was working as a creativeyou couldn’t say back then that you had a career as a creative because you were thought of being slightly stupid. Fortunately, I was smart at school and I was creative.

    One day I had this spiritual awakening. I was working for a production company at this time in my early twenties. There was this day where I could literally hear what people were thinking. It was really quite terrifying.  I would also say things before people would say it. So I went to see a healer and she really helped me a lot. She told me that my third eye and my crown chakra had opened up, but I haven't done any of the grounding work so necessary to handle this. 

    I decided to study meditation in 2004 and I always loved Astrology. I used to see this psychic woman. When I used to start working with new teams on a film production, I would always like to know what their charts were in order to have a deeper understanding of them. I went back to my Astrologer and begged her to teach me. And back then it wasn´t so easy to go online and get information. But in the end, she wouldn’t teach me. 

    So, I continued studying mediation and to learn to get into a high consciousness and, very important, to diminish the ego. When you do intuitive work, you’ve got to train to put your ego aside so you see the other person's highest needs rather than your own. 

    One day I had this brilliant idea to hire an astrologer to bring to our project for TV to help build the team. My boss was really cool about it. I presented him with all the benefits. He wanted this cool experience of team bonding. So, I hired an Astrologer and we worked together for six months. I gravitated to become his student. All that went really fast.

    K.S.: You also spent some time in New York City. How was your journey there?

    C.F.: I had my son when I was 17; he is wonderful and I’m so glad I have him. He is very artistic and got into trouble for graffiti. I had the idea to move to New York City to put him into a special school that was artistic and tailored to his needs. So we relocated to NYC to nurture his talent. Also, I had loads of friends out there. 

    My astrologer gave me an astrology program, so I started to read people's charts. I used to live in the Bronx in an old piano factory surrounded by artists. We had all these lofts and we would go to the rooftop and drink cocktails. I started training myself by reading people's charts. 

    K.S.: How did your collaboration start with Soho House?

    C.F.: I met with Nick Jones the founder of Soho House and I pitched to him to work as an Astrologer for Soho House. He was super forward-thinking. He was not into Astrology at all, but he knew that his members were gonna love it.

    I also started doing live Astrology sessions and hosting workshops at Soho House, but back then, no one had even done a meditation workshop. So I did meditation in the beginning and then Astrology. I became Soho House´s in-house Astrologer.

    I genuinely believe that everybody has the gift of intuition but it needs to be trained; it´s like a muscle, but most people have wrapped themselves into logic. 

    When I was in New York, I had this idea to make the 12 signs of the zodiac become my superheroes.  I wanted to write a graphic novel. Back in the U.K.,  my friend Bob and I worked on it in a Caravan in Wales for an entire year. That winter, we had so much snow, which is totally uncommon for that part of Wales. And I got snowed in. I didn´t even care, I was so happy. The pipes were frozen in the Caravan and I had to walk two and a half miles just to get water. I had to heat the snow in the microwave to make coffee for breakfast. At that time, my friend Bob had already left to see his family in Australia. I healed there from the bombardment of television, phones, communication, messaging, and appointments. 

    K.S.: You wrote different books on Astrology. Could you tell us more about them? And please tell us about your special method and framework.

    C.F.: I wanted to give everyone all the tools that I had learned and so Vogue wrote a big article about me. I had already written a book, called Dynamic Astrology: The Method, and I pitched it to a publisher who rejected it. Four months later, Penguin Random House e-mailed me and said „we have heard about your work, we are really interested in meeting you“and I published their very first Astrology book; The Signs which has been translated into ten foreign languages in 11 countries.

    I wanted to create a method that everyone could use. Astrology is complicated, so I first removed all the red lines that would connect the planets and stars from the charts. People got confused by too many red lines and thought their charts were bad. My epiphany was this: It doesn´t make any difference what connections you have to the stars and the planets; at the end of the day, they either go right or go wrong. We are in charge of how they play out. I basically learned the gone right and gone wrong manifestations of all the planets and stars. I started to use a framework. I wrote the book and it was not easy because no one had done it before.

    K.S.: In your other book Your SignsAn Empowering Astrology Guide for 2020, you use vocabulary like intentions, reflect, re-energize, empowerment, and opportunity. What is your message for the people out there? 

    C.F.: Out of the two books, that second book was definitely 100% divinely inspired. I wrote that book in 2019 and it´s all about revolution, self-care, humanity and our beautiful home earth, in order to create new ways of living and more positive karma all round. I wanted to give people tools. Dynamic Astrology, is a contemporary self - improvement method based on the ancient language of the stars. Little did I know that this guide would help so many people during the lockdown in March caused by Covid-19. People message me from all over the world telling me, how inspired they are and how much my guide has helped them to get through these rough and challenging times. 

    K.S.: Please tell us about your writing process.

    C.F.: I get up at 4 o‘clock in the morning and I write for 15 hours straight. There is a certain flow happening. Creativity is like a wave in the ocean. You have got to surf that wave because you don´t know how long it´s gonna last. If you get triggered to work on something, you have to get up and start working on it. We have to be creative; that´s part of the revolution. It´s not about numbers and powerit´s about helping other people giving them the right tools.


    K.S.: Who are the folks who are drawn to Astrology and to your work?

    C.F.: It´s really interesting. When I go to Instagram, I can tell that my book is attractive to super, super creative people from all over the world. They take the most interesting pictures that I could never dream of.  On the very first page of my book I say: “ I wrote this book for people like us.“

    K.S.: You launched your own creative agency, D/A London, where you are merging Astrology, creativity, and your own journey. How does that work?

    C.F.: I have been working throughout my career with high-end brands. It actually started with a friend of mine who works in the fashion industry and recruited me to do some work for Net-A-Porter. After Net-A-Porter, I was asked to create a new concept for a Gucci smartwatch using Astrology. Dynamic Astrology is about to teach people how to use the charts and it‘s also coaching. So, I had all this creative stuff that was going onit felt like a very natural progression to launch D/A London in October 2019. 

    I have done quite a lot of work for fashion houses and companies that are interested in incorporating Astrology. We have been working on flipbooks for Louis Vuitton and we basically re-designed them. In December 2019 the Vice President of Louis Vuitton in Los Angeles calledhe is such a cool person and really, really loves his team. He asked us if we could find a cool way of recognizing his team's birthdays through Astrology. We created a flipbook for everyone. They turned out really breathtaking. The project is ongoing now, but the thing is that we didn’t realize back then that COVID-19 would happen and that all their team members would be stuck at home terrified. And that our personalized flipbooks would help them through the tough times. I re-designed all of the symbols to be more Louis Vuitton and we wrote beautiful things in there about each person's signs, their birthdays, and that it was time to shine and stay safe and be wellgiving the team members little coaching tips for the year ahead. As if we could have known back in December how useful it would be now. It´s a really creative way to recognize and appreciate the team. Every single artwork in the flipbook is bespoke. It took us three and a half days to produce each of the flipbooks. During this difficult time, to appreciate their teams is so fantastic. And we are now discussing creating something special for their clients too which is really cool. 

    K.S.: If you had one wish to be granted what would you wish for?

    C.F.: I would wish for the whole world to be free from suffering and to be happy. I would wish for the whole world to become enlightened and then they would all be happy and all be free from suffering.

    Thank you for the interview.



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