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    ZIP MAG INTERVIEW - "The Dreamcatcher"- Fashion Journalist Franco Lorenzon

    11 December 2018


    With a passion for fashion and an innate talent for style, Milan-based fashion and beauty editor Franco Lorenzon rocks international runways and the fashion world. In our intimate conversation, Franco talks about Up`s and Down's of the fashion business, and what really fascinates him about his job.

    By Katja Schmolka @katjaschmolka

    Katja Schmolka: When did you first realize you wanted to work in the fashion industry?

    Franco Lorenzon: Since I was a child I had an eye for style, I loved it when my mother and aunt got ready to go out, I watched them carefully as they did it, how they made themselves up and what they chose as accessories. Later, my passion for drawing, and more specifically for fashion figures (which I drew all day long), made me realize that this was what I wanted to do as an "adult ". 

    Katja Schmolka: What do you like best about being a fashion journalist?

    Franco Lorenzon: It was a natural path, after studying as a fashion designer and gaining experience as a consultant for some female fashion companies, I decided that I also wanted to specialize in make-up and took a diploma as a makeup artist. I did this job for a few years, which enabled me to travel all over Europe, dealing with fashion shows, campaigns for big brands and studying looks for different celebrities. One day on set, I was offered to take care of styling for a shooting, given my previous studies in fashion. Shortly afterwards I also started writing about beauty and fashion for monthly female magazines. Until now, the time has flown by. What do I like best about being a fashion journalist? To give my own personal and creative view of a world that seems perfect, but that over time has become more and more complicated due to social and economic changes. 

    K.S.: Do you have any favourite style or designer?

    F.L.: You know that thinking about it, I would say no. Better said, even when I don't like a garment or an accessory, I appreciate its intrinsic value. I love minimal style, but also the most opulent, elegant and extravagant things. Perhaps the "fil rouge" of what we could call my taste is innate elegance: in things, in people, in the soul. 

    K.S.: Do you have any book that inspires you?

    F.L.: When I was a child, I was struck by books, stories and images that concerned the great couturiers such as Dior, Valentino, Chanel, Balenciaga, those who, with their ideas and talent, have made the history of fashion and style. I spent hours reading and looking at them, enchanted. Today, I'm interested in the volumes of art that inspire me so much in moments of relaxation and in manuals about wellness, nutrition and natural care. 

    K.S.: If you had a wish, what would it be?

    F.L.: Being able to grow in the job, to have a way of experimenting, which is not easy at a time when almost no one allows you to do it anymore because of the fear of not "selling"; a stagnant situation that also affects publishing a lot. Then who knows, the greatest dream of all is to create a capsule collection and sell it internationally. You asked me for a dream... I answered you!

    K.S.: Thank you for the interview.









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