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  • findsleep_brand_interview_zip_magazine
  • findsleep_brand_interview_zip_magazine
  • findsleep_brand_interview_zip_magazine
FINDSLEEP - Life is just a game, have fun!
Late Nights.

    Up - And - Coming: In conversation with FINDSLEEP

    30 March 2020

    New York,

    By Laila Wayans & Westy Perkins @1321bleach

    In a time where clothing production has become widely accessible it proves to become equally competitive. New York City is home to a wide range of fashion and style from the couture/designer to the more underground scene. 

    FINDSLEEP is a New York based clothing brand specializing in hand dyed/hand printed tee shirts. The majority of the insight you’ll get into the brand is through the FINDSLEEP instagram page where the designer, “eRIC” (posted on instagram page), will tease upcoming designs, showcase some behind the scenes content documenting his process within his studio, and display current and past works. He has a unique take on “ tie dye ”, although the majority of the dyes FINDSLEEP offers are more avant-garde relatively speaking. They look like the dye was painted into the fabric offering subtleties you’re only able to receive when doing by hand. The prints, while playful, do promote a sense of curious unease as you continue to look more closely at the layered images and read further into the sentences, sometimes paragraphs, printed on the garments. FINDSLEEP produces very small runs, one at a time, and does not restock. Since they are all done by one person and by hand, once they’re gone they’re gone forever. Along with these brand decisions comes the commitment to protecting the Earths rainforests as 10% of the profits will go directly to that cause.

    We got to speak to the designer of FINDSLEEP over the internet and asked him a few questions regarding the brand and his choices.

    Laila & Westy: You print a lot of questions on your clothes. They seem to relate a lot to introspection and questioning one’s reality. Do you have an inspiration for this and what does the brand “FINDSLEEP” mean to you?

    FINDSLEEP: FINDSLEEP came from a point in my life in which I’m still living, where often times I wish I could go to bed. Whether it’s that I’m too into substances, myself, or my surroundings and I get lost in my thoughts, many of which are questions I can’t answer.

    Laila & Westy: What inspired you to make clothes in the first place?

    FINDSLEEP: I´ve always been interested in clothing and always loved t-shirts as a way of easy daily simple expression from the mundane to the eccentric. I went to college for marketing and quickly realized fuck that. A few years later I worked an internship while working a bar gig at a small screen printing shop run by Shane. He taught me how to screen print on apparel and after working for him a few years I put my design sense and technical ability together.

    Laila & Westy: Do you make everything on your own or do you have a team, and if not why do you choose to work alone?

     FINDSLEEP: I work alone 99/100 times. I have my old assistant that load shirts for me sometimes on larger runs. It’s just fun to work alone. I don’t have to focus on anything else besides my task and once I lock the door behind me it’s go time if that makes sense.

    Laila & Westy: What other art forms are you interested in?

    FINDSLEEP: That´s a hard question for me to answer. It’s A LOT.

    Laila & Westy: Any reason to take action in favor of the environment as oppose to another cause? 

    FINDSLEEP: It’s the only way to go.

    Laila & Westy: What do you hope for the future of the brand?

    FINDSLEEP: Just to keep on.

    We expect to see more from FINDSLEEP soon. More dyes, more prints, potentially extending the silhouette roster to overwear, bottoms, and accessories. He keeps the consumer interested with every drop and value high with small runs of hand dyed pieces, no two being exactly alike.  

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