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  • gabriele_fiorucci_interview_zip_magazine
  • gabriele_fiorucci_interview_zip_magazine
  • gabriele_fiorucci_interview_zip_magazine
  • gabriele_fiorucci_interview_zip_magazine
  • gabriele_fiorucci_interview_zip_magazine


    04 April 2019

    He is one of the young Italian designers who is loved by celebrities from all over the world. His magnificent dresses are worn by the most beautiful and famous women on the red carpet at the most important events. In this open-hearted interview, Gabriele Fiorucci Bucciarelli tells us about his beginnings and how he decided to become a fashion designer since childhood. From the things that fascinate him most about his work every day to the last two collections he produced. In a touching truth, he also tells us about the recent death of his beloved mother and how this inspired him in the creation of the Autumn / Winter 2019-20 collection, presented exclusively, first at Milan Fashion Week and then in Paris

    By Franco Lorenzon @nonsololook

    Franco Lorenzon: When did you realize that you wanted to become a designer?

    Gabriele Fiorucci Bucciarelli: I started to draw and dream about clothes already when I could still hardly use a pencil and colors, yet... I was always drawing. I preferred it to anything. My mother always remembered that at the age of six I said to her: "Mommy, I would like to stop going to school (in first grade!), after all, I draw and this is already a job, we study to get to work one day, so why can't I just draw... from now on?"

    But beyond this episode, I understood that I would really become a designer when someone (it was the era of the IED), showed professional interest in me and that was great, indeed... very big.

    F.L.: What satisfies you the most about your work? 

    G. B.: It's strange to say but today there are a few things that are really satisfying. The jobs in some ways are all the same. Luckily, in mine there is something special. When at the end of a new collection we do the foto shoot, and I see each garment, finished in its details as I conceived it, dreamed about it, wanted it, for months... Well, that dream comes back to life ALWAYS and it's pure magic. Well, I don't know how much "magic" there is while working in the bank, or in the mail (with all due respect, also because my roots are in engineering).

    F.L.: Tell us about the spring-summer 2019 collection.

    G.B.: The SS 2019 collection is a Unicom of my entire history, and of all my previous collections. The Best Sellers of all my records can be revisited in a key I never dared to use: COLORS. And when I talk about colors, I mean the absolute color. Full and warm yellows mixed with nude tones, deep reds and lacquer woven with bright fuchsia, sharp emerald greens, bright powder pink, gold and silver combined with black and white. Very often worked in Plain Color, without mediation and blocks of color.

    I use my precious fabrics, lacquers, sequins in all their variations and a lot of embroideries (obviously by hand, and absolutely MADE IN ITALY).

    F.L.: Which are the pieces that your customers appreciate most? 

    G.B.: My customers have been loving my wrap-dresses for years, almost one-size-fits-all, these incredible couture evening dresses that come from the simple "Lingerie robe", in its most sophisticated, but also sexiest way. And so too are my embroidered bodysuits to wear with palazzo pants that are very wide, enough to look like skirts now a true status of my brand. And I can't help but include one material: crinoline. In its modern recovery from history, a versatile tool, to be shaped and manipulated to create shapes, geometries and even targeted fluidity, which never runs off the rails, and here ... my roots as an engineer come out vehemently.

    F.L.: Can you give us a preview of the autumn/winter 2019/20 collection you presented in Paris? 

    G.B.: This last year has been the one that has most affected my life. I lost the person I always cherished more than my own life, my mother. I fought with her for months, sure to win, but things don't always go as we hope. This situation at first took away all my inspiration, and then suddenly I had so many ideas that I had to find the right drawer to put them all in there together and the new FW 2019/2020 was born.

    The collection had to be called "Sparkling Lights In The Dark". When you find out that there is no longer any need for colors to be aware that every day we will walk through a long Dark Night, only in that moment will we understand that the most important thing to do is: TO SHINE IN THE DARK. Because light, not only lights up but also shows us the way. It allows us to talk about you, to notice you, to really see you. The only thing that matters is: BEING there. Be yourself... even in the dark. In a world where we all look the same, we need to be enveloped in the magic of light, with its sparkling glow of all colors, even when we are immersed in "black". A punk, fascinating and couture rebirth. Rigid and fluid, they build and break down any barrier. While meters and meters of precious fabrics have the sole purpose of affirming their presence. Among these the pleated tulle, the feathers in their iridescent shades, tens of meters of silks, all mixed with sequins and crystals to finally be what I wanted! The new GABRIELE FIORUCCI BUCCIARELLI Autumn-Winter 2019/2020 collection. If you are in the deepest darkness and can't see the light, you have to shine! To become YOU, THE LIGHT.

    Dedicated to you, Mom!

    Thank you for the interview.


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