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  • interview_zip_magazine_franz_josef_baur
  • interview_zip_magazine_franz_josef_baur
  • interview_zip_magazine_franz_josef_baur
  • interview_zip_magazine_franz_josef_baur
  • interview_zip_magazine_franz_josef_baur
"Colours mean emotions to me," says FJ Baur here to the right. Images © by Mario Schmolka


    29 January 2019

    The German pop artist Franz Josef Baur and the Viennese fashion photographer Mario Schmolka are setting new accents in their collaboration. The result is "Bilder Werke" (Picture art-work) with the theme "Fusion". The materials are lively - wool and textile fibres are interwoven, knitted and woven into unique shapes which Fj Baur artfully drapes around the bodies of his models. In Vienna, the artist loves the cosiness of being, the Viennese culture, and his morning coffee with milk and a delicious piece of marble cake which he enjoys at the coffee house "Zum Schwarzen Kamel" in downtown Vienna. In our personal interview, Franz Josef talks about himself and what moves him and his artistic work.

    By Katja Schmolka @katjaschmolka

    K.S.: When was the first time you really realized that you had an artist's soul? Is there any special moment from your childhood?

    FJ.B.: I find it hard to say an artist soul, because every one of us, especially during our childhood, carries great creativity. I would rather say I felt different. What was still very difficult in the beginning became clear to me years later that at the age of 35 it had to come out inevitably. That was the birth of my new, self-determined life.

    K.S.: Bright colours and wool are a big theme in your work. What motivated you to process these two materials together in your works of art?

    Textiles have something very personal and intimate. They accompany us, our whole life, from our diapers to our shirts. The craft of weaving is one of the oldest in human history. Colours also have something very strong about them. They mean emotions to me. It was therefore very obvious to connect everything.

    K.S.: Viennese culture is reflected in your art. What fascinates you about Vienna? How do you deal with the rather melancholic mindset of people?

    Fj.B.: I love Vienna! A city full of history, culture & tradition but also contrasts. As a monarchy, it has a history spanning centuries, and today it is striving for something new. I notice very well how open people are to new things, to new art and new people. 

    Well, I had to learn how to deal with the melancholy and grandiosity of some people.

    K.S.: Which other artist inspires you on a personal level?

    FJ.B.: There are very often people with whom I work together. In our photo gallery, I had the opportunity to work with Mario Schmolka. A very successful photographer who works in this industry already for many years. His honest, incredibly sympathetic nature, his calm nature and his secure feeling with his photographic eye made it very easy for me and I was able to spin my threads wildly.

    Then there are surely also well-known artists who inspire me. I love Basquiat's wild "Bildgevierts", Warhol's apparent banality, Bansky's spirit, and ideas, but basically, I love my work, it reflects me and my visions - that's where my focus lies.

    K.S.: Art is a mirror of time and its themes. What do you want to show through your work?

    FJ.: I would rephrase it; I want to show what we lack in our society. I like to touch on themes without imposing my opinion on the viewer. 

    K.S.: Where do you still want to live, besides Vienna?

    FJ.B.: Into the world - the older I get, the more freedom-loving I become. I love the feeling of being on a journey, of letting myself drift. To be allowed to live according to one's feeling. A real luxury for which I am very grateful. In response to your question, I have plans to move part of my life to the seaside.

    K.S.; If you had a wish, what would you wish for?

    FJ.B.: For the world to live in love. So that structures can be broken. What is right today can also be changed tomorrow.

    For me, this means that I will continue to have the opportunity to work together with many great artists and colleagues.

    Thank you for the interview.




    Art by Fj Baur @fjbaur

    Photographer: Mario Schmolka @marioschmolka

    Grooming: Sandra Landwerth @iamsandralandwerth

    Model: Adrian / Wiener Models @_iamadrian_ ,@wiener_models

    Location: Semper Depot Vienna




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