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  • kathryn_alice_love_will_find_you_interview_zip_magazine
Kathryn Alice and her soulmate husband Jon Tompkins.
Kathryn AliceĀ“s New York Times bestselling book & audio book "Love Will Find You".


    17 December 2020

    By Katja Schmolka @katjaschmolka

    There have been times where we took for granted surrounding ourselves with humans, flirting, chatting, dancing, having fun with each other, and playing around. Well, unfortunately, with COVID-19, this thousand-year-old human play has come to an abrupt, bitter stop. The word „dating“ seems almost outdated and has become, it seems, as troublesome as flying to the moon. But there is a bright star flickering in the dark universe which is called “Law Of Attraction.“ Simply put, “You get what you send out“ even in times of a pandemic. In an intimate conversation, Love Guru - expert Kathryn Alice, who is the author of the New York Times bestselling book Love Will Find You tells us all her magical secrets on how to find your true soulmate. 

    Katja Schmolka: You just released your audio book Love Will Find You, which is the newest version of your bestselling book. When was the moment you first realized helping other people finding their soulmates is your calling?

    Kathryn Alice: I was directing a local Crisis Support Team and the biggest issues for suicidal people revolved around love & relationships. We were able to help tremendously. So, when I started teaching release and soulmate workshops and they were so popular, I realized there was a need here and that this was my calling.

    K.S.: How did you come up with the soulmate finding formula? And how does the look and style of someone play into that? How can someone prepare for that moment? 

    K.A.: I came up with my formula to attract love through my training and also trial-and-errorseeing what works. We’ve had a tremendous success rate. The look and style of someone is simply to make them feel better. When you feel stylish and like you are looking good, your energy is different, more magnetic.

    People can prepare for that moment of meeting and attracting their soulmate by getting rid of any negativity about love, release any old loves (so many that I work with have an attachment still going on), and put out a ”soul call”an inner invitation to attract love. Boosting one’s faith that there is the right one out there for them and their confidence that they are good enough are also key.

    K.S.: Can you please give us three tips on how to find your soulmate during our pandemic?

    K.A.: 1. Do the inner work first, so you are magnetic to love. The Law of Attraction really comes in handy right now when we can’t get out as much.

    2. Get online. Online dating should not be the only way, but there are a record number of people online and ready for love right now, so it’s a good bet. Try an online dating app and also look around for Zoom speed dating and other singles activities that are safe.

    3. Still be open to meeting someone out and about. Outside activities or a cute, eyecatching mask at the grocery store have worked for my clients, many of whom have found love in the midst of Covid-19.

    K.S.: You are a very intuitive person. Was there a time in your childhood when you discovered your gifts for the first time? Were you taken seriously by your family?

    K.A.: My family didn’t take me seriously until I became super successullol! Even when growing up, I was a cheerleader to my younger siblings and would find myself giving advice to friends. So, that has always been a proclivity along with writing. It just came easy to me.

    K.S.: For six years, you were leading your own Crisis Support Team at Agape International Spiritual Center. How has this work influenced you on your own journey? Also in the light of your business and relationships? 

    K.A.: Well, I can think of one time when I was very pregnant and on a plane that was having turbulence. I used what I teacha guided meditation I made up on the spotto stop the panic attack I was starting to have. I use all of the tools I teach in my own journey including self-soothing, setting intentions, Law of Attraction, and meditation to keep myself centered, goal-oriented, and harmonious and connected to others.

    K.S.: Music plays a huge role in your family, having a husband who is a musician. How do you collaborate on your projects? Please tell us more about this creative process.

    K.A.: My husband is a genius when it comes to music. Our collaboration started with him producing my first CD - Releasing a Person so we could have my work to give others without me having to be there. It was based on a popular workshop I taught. He had a studio, and back then, you needed a studio to record anything professionally. Our newborn would be in his car seat asleep in the sound booth when we recorded!

    Jon produced the CD and put music to the guided meditation. After that, he just started doing all the music for my many guided meditations. On his own, he came up with the most beautiful, inspiring song to go on my 2nd CD, Manifesting Lovethe song by the same name. People love that song and play it all the time to remember they do have love coming.

    Now, Jon has just written a song to go on the audio version of Love Will Find You that is eponymous. It is also super inspiring and an ear worm - it gets stuck in your head and keeps you inspired. We have a synchronous relationship where he gets my work, and I get his. It works out amazingly well, and I am lucky to have him to collaborate with.

    K.S.: Which self-care rituals do you practice for yourself?

    K.A.: I work out every other day, do stretching & yoga on the off days, take vitamins, meditate daily, get enough sleep, drink a lot of water, deep breathe, read & listen to uplifting material, and do try to take care of myself well. It helps my work, and because I had two of my children in my 40‘s, I want to stay healthy & young to be around for them for a long time.

    K.S.: What is your favorite book?

    K.A.: I’m such a reader, it’s hard to pick just one. I loved, loved, loved the book Sapiens and its expanded view of humans as a species. And two books I often return to are Ask and It is Given by Esther Hicks and The Big Leap by Gay Hendrix.

    K.S.: If you could have one wish granted, what would you wish for?

    K.A.: Greater harmony for us all with more positivity, less strife, negativity and devisiveness, walking in more faith.

    Thank you for the interview!


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