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  • Lena Hoschek
Lena Hoschek and Katharina Czerny


    16 November 2011


    by Katharina Czerny

    Austria’s traditional designer  Lena Hoschek  has every reason to celebrate. Firstly, her new studio in Vienna is almost finished, her Vienna store in the Gutenbergasse is celebrating its 3rd birthday and has been expanded. Her fashion is playful, nostalgic and makes the perfect figure thanks to petticoat and feminine cuts.

    Katharina Czerny: Why did you decide to design fashion in the style of the 40s, 50s and 60s?

    Lena Hoschek: Even as a child I was fascinated by antique things, for example children’s books of the past century. I’ve never been interested in current pop icons. I adored Marilyn Monroe. I’d call myself a “nostalgic” and I was especially fascinated by the aesthetics of the fashion of the 40s and 50s.

    K.C.: What other fashion style do you personally like?

    L.H.: I like “diva fashion” of the 70s, long flowing dresses, big necklaces and glasses and maybe even a turban. But I think that kind of fashion only looks good on elegant, tall and slim women. My perception of fashion was always that nice dresses shouldn’t be reserved for a certain type of people. I expect fashion to be flattering to the body and shape the body, not the other way around.

    K.C.: At your show at the MQ Vienna Fashion Week you had models with hips and bust. What do you think of skinny models?

    L.H.:I think they are unfeminine and not nice to look at. The girls of the 90s had the perfect model body, they were real dream girls. A body like that is hard work and not only abstinence.

    K.C.: Why is it that some designers like you are more successful and famous than others? Is there a recipe for success?

    L.H.: Difficult to say. Self praise is no praise. I don’t have a problem with media presence, on the contrary. I like it, communication and representation to the outside are essential. But the reason is also that I found a way between sub-culture, fashion and commerce.

    K.C.: A designer you see as a role model?

    L.H.: I don’t really have one. Entrepreneurial I admire Ralph Lauren. He accomplished to build an emporium from a tie store – even establish a whole lifestyle.

    K.C.: You went a step further and are now designing sunglasses. What will be next, shoes? 

    L.H.: Everything! I was asked to furnish a hotel suite. There are requests for corporate design, uniforms for Austrian companies, shoes, even cars – it’s unbelievably exciting! But I have to be careful not to spend all the time and energy I need for my core business somewhere else.

    K.C.: Famous fashion fans of yours are Charlotte Roche, Franziska Knuppe and Katy Perry. What other public figures would you like to convince of your designs?  

     L.H.: Dita von Teese also has dresses. Only today I got a nice little letter from her thanking me for the sunglasses. The question is if and when she is photographed with it. Christina Hendricks from Mad Men also has two outfits. Who I’d like to dress as well? The french actress Marion Cotillard, Sophie Marceau, Monica Bellucci and Sophia Loren.

    K.C.: Would you like to work with a famous designer on a collection?

    L.H.: Not really. Well – shoes with Manolo Blahnik, why not. He always has beautiful lasts and the height of the heel is right. I think that Louboutins are too high by those 1 1 /2 centimeters.

    K.C.: What do you think of Vienna as a fashion metropolis?

    L.H.: I love Vienna more than anything. Vienna and my hometown Graz have to share my love. I think people in Vienna are not badly dressed. In general their style is very classic. The could risk a bit more. Vienna is a very elegant city who could be a bit younger and more courageous when it comes to fashion.

    K.C.: Do you ever see Lena Hoschek in Jeans and a T-shirt?

    L.H.: Rarely and if I meet someone on the street accidentally I say “You’ve never seen me like that!”. The worst and most uncomfortable item of clothing for me is a non-stretchable jeans. Horrible. But I like shirts, especially band shirts and shirts with comic prints.

    K.C.: Thank you for the interview.




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