• Marcel Ostertag


    03 October 2011

    By Katharina Czerny

    The Munich-based designer Marcel Ostertag presented his spring/summer collection 2012 at the MQ Vienna Fashion Week 11. Ostertag originally started his fashion career with university studies in fashion design at the Esmod in Munich and then switched to Central St. Martins College in London. 2004 he graduated with a Bachelors degree and an award for the best final collection and 2006 he graduated his master studies with a distinction. Together with  Martina Rogy, whom he first worked for as an assistant, he opened two stores called „Rogy & Ostertag in Vienna and Munich. As well as at the Berlin and Vienna fashion week he has also shown his collections in London and Peking.

    Katharina Czerny.: Your Spring/Summer collection 2012 are characterized by delicate, partly see-through fabrics. The colors are beige, bronze, yellow and black. Does you collection have a motto?

    Marcel Ostertag: The story ist hat I wanted to create a really feminine silhouette with the collection, in terms of color as well as in terms of fabric. We have only used silk, cotton, chiffon and really thin leather. When it came to colors I wanted to keep it somber, meaning the camel-shades, rust-colors, beige-shades and black, together with the highlight color yellow. It’s a signal color which flashes on the runway and which catches on quite well with the customers. I wanted to create a symbiosis of simple, flowing things and a few highlight’s. I think it’s a good combination, it was received very well and I’ve only had good feedback from the customers.

    K.C.: What do you think about when designing? Beige often brings to mind the topic safari.

    M.O.: It wasn’t safari with this collection. It was about femininity and sensuality. About the fact that strong women also have a soft core, even if they don’t like to show it. That was the main topic. It was about the women themselves, as people and about the femininity and inner vulnerability.

    K.C.: Do you have a muse?  

    M.O.: A friend of mine inspires me a lot, as well as Martina Rogy. But most of the time the inspiration for me is nature and it’s colors. People and nature are the biggest inspiration for me.

    K.C.: The must-have for Spring/Summer 2012?

    M.O.: Light, flittering trenchcoats. They are just flattering for everyone. It has to be flowing and it has to be soft fabrics. That can be combined with anything, with casual jeans by day or a cocktail dress by night. Every woman should have these in her closet.

    K.C.: Yellow and mustard yellow are the colors of the season. What do you think about them and what’s your favourite color?

    M.O.: I personally wouldn’t wear it a lot because I have a bit of red in my skintone. That doesn’t go to well with yellow. I love mustard yellow, it’s a – also in my current collection and already in my store – really strong color which can be combined well with safran. A very strong look and I think the color will stay around for some time. It’s a natural color and doesn’t look so chemical. Mustard is also a natural product and so I find it very interesting.

    K.C.: What’s the fabric you like to work with most?

    M.O.: With natural material. I love silk, I love chiffon, I love thin leather and I also like light, delicate furs. Sometimes I of course work with high tech fabrics for outdoor fashion, for example trenchcoats. It has to be slightly laminated so no wind or water comes through and of course I work with materials that contain stretch which flatter the figure and have a certain wearing comfort.

    K.C.: Your label was founded in 2006. What would have been your plan B if that hadn’t worked out?

    M.O.: I had a lot of offers from big companies to work as a designer, so I guess I would have started working at a bigger label.

    K.C.: What did you want to become when you were a child?

    M.O.: A ballet dancer. I was at the state opera in Vienna and did that for 13 years.

    K.C.: A design legend which whom you’d like to create a collection?

    M.O.: Karl Lagerfeld.

    K.C.: If you could travel back in time, in which era would you like to live for a short time to experience the fashion from that time?

    M.O.: Late 70s, early 80s.

    K.C.: A model had to take of her shoes at your show in Berlin because she couldn’t walk in the high heels. That happens all the time at shows. Why do models who can’t walk in the shoes get applauded and models who can don’t?

    M.O.: I guess the story is hat most girls handle that really well and don’t fall down or throw away the shoes and handle it quite gallant. It happened to every women that she just got caught in something with her heel or lost a shoe. So it shows the audience that models are people too and I think that’s why they get applauded. That happened some time ago, in winter 2010 and I have to admit they were difficult shoes, from a London sponsor. They were pretty wild.

    K.C.: You like to come onto the runway in high heels after your show – can you imagine spending a whole day in those shoes?

    M.O.: I’m often in high heels all day, and all night. It’s not a problem.

    K.C.: So you don’t feel sorry for women.

    M.O.: No, not at all.

    K.C.: Thank you for the interview.  

    M.O.: You’re welcome.

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