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Runway Show Anteprima

    INTERVIEW - EMANUELE PUGNALE Chats About Pugnale Eyewear

    19 March 2019

    Among the eyewear brands that currently stand out for their highly technological products, design and cutting-edge performance, we find PUGNALE EYEWEAR standing out through its eclectic design. Its creative director EMANUELE PUGNALE, recently presented all the new products of the company at MIDO. I took the opportunity to have a chat with him and discover what this luxury "Made in Italy" brand has in store with its incredible creations. This is what he told us.

    By Franco Lorenzon @nonsololook

    Emanuele Pugnale founded Pugnale in 2013 with the desire to merge his strong background in the high-tech precision mechanic field, together with his creative and unconventional style.

    He has always been a mechanic-addict, making his first creation when he was still a kid. He grew up with a strong passion for exploring and even going beyond the technological limits, bypassing the ordinary. 

    One of his best skills is the technology transfer from aerospace and biomedical applications to the eyewear industry. Eclectic, creative and visionary; in love with his Country, Italy, and with revolutionary ideas.

    Franco Lorenzon: What are the characteristics of your product?

    Emanuele Pugnale: Innovative uses of techniques and materials are the base to create an excellent "Made in Italy" eyewear marketIndustrial laminates become elegant surfaces, metal is combined with fabrics and precious materials for contemporary and exclusive luxury. This lead to a World patent in 2017, identifiable as a trendy eyewear luxury brand in the world.

    A unique know-how approach that brings together the excellence of Italian manufacturing tradition. We create our products thinking about our special customers, as well as through forms and elements, which is the heart of our identity. Each piece can be considered iconic and unique thanks to the handmade process applied. The combination of different precious materials is the heart of our creations and the manufacturing processes of our collections are incomparable to no one in the market.

    F.L.: How does the next collection 2019/20 look like?

    E.P.: For Mido 2019, we have decided to enhance the Pugnale soul through the choice of a new template that we want in order to become an iconic element of the brand. 

    Inspired by the history of ancient Roman blades, we have designed a small dagger that embellished the sidearm.

    We integrate our “Prima Linea” collection with new optical frames and sunglasses which are enhanced by engraved metal, leather and flocked inserts, handmade brushstrokes of color, Swarovski crystals and three-dimensional games of light.

    Two limited editions will be presented at Mido: Folly, made in collaboration with “Il Ballo del Doge” and “LA MATTA”. The last one is inspired by the playing cards and plated in gold 24kt.

    F.L.: Talking about Capsules, which one did you design?

    E.P.: We have made two capsules: one in collaboration with the architect Hani Rashid and the other one with the pret-a-porter brand called ANTEPRIMA.

    F.L.: Do you have a wish that you would like to realize?E.P.: Our greatest dream is that the Pugnale eyewear becomes a status.




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