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Johnny Talbot and Adrian Runho
Spring Summer Collection 2012
Spring Summer collection 2012
Katharina Czerny and Adrian Runhof


    13 January 2012

    By Katharina Czerny


    It all began in 1991 when Johnny Talbot met Adrian Runhof in Munich. Everything went quickly from there. In 1992 they founded the label All About Eve and in the year 2000 they changed their name to Talbot Runhof because of trademark problems (Joop had already put a perfume with the same name on the market). Since then the designer duo has been heading for success.

    Katharina Czerny: We are in one of the most exclusive shops in Vienna. On top of that your collection is in stores like Bergdorf Goodman and in New York in Saks Fifth Avenue. Who are your regular customers?

    Adrian Runhof: `We have very many American stars who love our clothes`. In all age groups by the way, and in all sizes too. From the singer and actress Selena Gomez who is 19, to Lady Gaga, Angelina Jolie and Oprah Winfrey; but also a lot of German-speaking stars like Maria Furtwängler, Anna Loos and Barbara Schöneberger come in and out.

    K.C.: It will soon be 2012. Which stores do you want to be selling in next year, or over the next few years?

    A.R.: We still haven’t really made it in Hong Kong. And we want to be selling at Lane Crawford, or in Mexico City at the Haut Couture store Frattina. We aren’t in Japan at all yet. In fact that’s in the plan too, that we’ll get in there some day. The world is big, there are very many places that we aren’t in yet, but amazingly we are already successful in very many places, and that makes us proud and confident.

    K.C.: Together with Johnny Talbot from the USA you brought the label Talbot Runhof into being in 2000 in Munich. Why in Germany and not the USA?

    A.R.: Good question. We were fascinated when we went to New York at the beginning of the 90s, and I can’t say we almost settled there, but we did talk about it briefly. Munich has so many advantages, and it’s the ideal location to create fashion. There is a fantastic clientele here who give you a lot of support. And in Munich you also find the right people and the right occasions. But you have to move out too, because just staying in one place would get too boring eventually.

    K.C.: Which current fashion trend do you like best?

    A.R.: We are really keen on colors, and we don’t think people wear bright colors often enough. There are such fantastic colors and such fantastic clothes in wonderful colors. When you take a look at the street scene and the scene when you go out it’s always really boring and colorless. It’s such a shame.

    K.C.: What sort of fashion do you wear yourselves?

    A.R.: I just wear, actually I can speak for Johnny too, we just wear jeans, T-shirts and sweaters. Over time that has become our uniform. But not designed by us, because of course we don’t make fashion for men. Other people can do that a lot better. Besides, it’s fun for us too, going shopping ourselves.

    K.C.: Would you like to design a budget collection for H&M like, for example, Karl Lagerfeld before, or Versace now?

    A.R.: Experience has shown that collaborating really promotes a label. If H&M asked us I’m sure we would like to do that very much. And we often collaborate on projects which have nothing to do with our profession. It keeps your thinking fresh and promotes creativity because you have to step out of your box to make progress.

    K.C.: What was the last collaboration you worked on?

    A.R.: We made hair accessories for the Guhl label.

    K.C.: What are your plans for the future?

    A.R.: We would like to make a jeans collection.

    K.C.: Everyone is talking about the economic crisis. Would you produce and sell more cheaply to keep your customers, or not?

    A.R.: That really isn’t much of a concern for us because we have always had very reasonable prices. For what they are our clothes aren’t expensive. Of course it’s all relative. Our dresses start at 500 to 600 euro. For many people that’s a lot of money, of course, we realize that, but dresses like these from other people could easily cost double the amount. During the last crisis in the USA our business increased an incredible amount, and we noticed that people prefer to change to a reasonably priced product rather than pay the exorbitant prices that many designers demand.

    K.C.: As Christmas is almost upon us: What is the perfect Xmas 2011 outfit for a man and a woman?

    A.R.: Well, the man should sit casually – I suppose I’m basing this on me (laughs) – in smart jeans and a beautiful sweater by the Christmas tree, and the woman should wear a bright red, short, draped woolen dress.

    K.C.: Thank you for the interview!

    A.R.: You´re welcome!

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