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cape classic camel, limited Collection inspired by Keith Haring: rubberboots & sneakers, long suede boots, brown leather satchel, Tommy by Tommy Hilfiger Book – by Assouline.
Katja Schmolka in Conversation with Tommy Hilfiger © Mario Schmolka


    04 November 2010

    TOMMY HILFIGER  about the Rolling Stones, Keith Haring, 25 years of Tommy Hilfiger – and visionary feelings

    by Katja Schmolka for Jewel Magazine

    It’s been exactly one year since our first interview. And Tommy Hilfiger hasn’t changed a bit. His young and positive charisma precedes him. And his success does too. It’s hard to believe that Tommy Hilfiger celebrated his 25 year anniversary in September. Accompanied by an Icon Collection consisting of 25 essential pieces from his Sportwear Collection and his very personal book, Tommy by Tommy Hilfiger. His life – a home stretch!

    At the young age of 19 the “self-confessed dreamer” and intuitive personality decided to give his hometown, the small town Elmira, a whiff of the big city in fashion. A seed capital of 150 Dollars and 20 jeans which he sold from the trunk of his old car got him to where he is today. More than 1000 Hilfiger stores in 65 countries worldwide are quite impressive. People Place was the name of his first store with walls painted in black. An ad campaign on Times Square next to established designers like Calvin Klein, Perry Ellis and Ralph Lauren turned him into a fashion superstar over night. A very daring promotion for the then unknown Hilfiger. Rock’n Roll and fashion, the perfect twist for his vision of fashion, and so Tommy Hilfiger created promotion tours with his favourite band, the Rolling Stones. The non-observance of boundaries and conventions embody what he believes in. New York, Pop Culture and artists like Grace Kelly, Clark Gable and James Dean are his constant source of inspiration and companion for 50 years.

    Katja Schmolka.: 25th anniversary Tommy Hilfiger. How does it feel?

    Tommy Hilfiger.: I’m very happy and proud. It has been 25 great years and I wouldn’t want to miss one of them. The downside is that already 25 years have passed.

    K.S.: Creativity and humanity, synomyms for Tommy Hilfiger as a private person. When did you first realize that you want to support unprivileged people?

    T.H.:It has always been an issue for me, in fact I started raising money for kids 20 years ago. A very important cause for me. Children are our present and most important of all our future. Children can’t really protect themselves, it’s our responsibility to do so. In all ranks. I’m a father myself and I know what I’m talking about. Through my job I can combine the beautiful with the charitable. A wonderful feeling!

    K.S: Where do you keep all your awards, like the UNESCO Support Award, the Red Cross and the German Bambi?

    T.H.: (laughs) They are all in my main office in Down Town. By now it’s so many awards that I can’t even say how many there are.

    K.S: You’ve launched a shoe collection with motifs by the “Modern Contemporary” artist Keith Haring, which is now available. What do you connect with him?

    T.H.: Keith Haring, Andy Warhol and Baskia. They are very strong in their artistic expression. A certain energy and vibrancy are behind it and most importantly – fun at being and doing! Pop art has been with me since the early 80’s and I’m a big fan.

    K.S: The vibes of the 80s when it comes to music and art have made history. How is it today? Is there enough room for art?

    T.H.: The scene is still very alive, but differently. Andy Warhol has advanced to a celebritys of the art and music scene. It was incredibly chic to be in his clique. There is enough room for art, but it’s not original anymore. And it will never even remotely be that way.

    K.S.: You support aspiring, American photographers with you touring exhibition TH Inside which starts in Milan. What do you like about photography?

    T.H.: The fascinating thing about photography are the wonderful memories you can record with it. We chose Milan because there are a lot of fashion and art enthusiasts. An artistic city that I love to visit myself!

    K.S.: Will you share your favourite quote with me?

    T.H.: Treat others the way you’d like to be treated.

    K.S: Thank you for the interview

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