Interview - Violet Saturn “A World Of Their Own”

    09 May 2019

    By Katja Schmolka @katjaschmolka
    They seem like they are from a different world but trust us, they are not aliens from planet Saturn but extremely talented teenagers from Malibu, California. 
    This rock band consists of Lauren and Spencer Carr Reed, a sister and brother duo as well as their new band member Nils Schmolka. Together they have been rocking the stages with original songs and covers in Malibu and Los Angeles. With 300.000 streams on Spotify, 28.8 k followers on instagram and a magnificent music video for the song Sweetest Life under their belt, directed Mario SchmolkaViolet Saturn has got what it takes to become the new up and coming shooting stars in the world of music. Being authentic and intertwined as one in the whole creation process of making music pays off. Violet Saturn has recently been nominated in four categories at the  2019 L.A. Music Video Awards. We sat down with the extraordinary teenage trio and chatted about their passion to make music.
    When was the first time you realized your love for hard rock? Which bands inspire you?
    Lauren: I have loved hard rock since I was a kid. I grew up with it and have been surrounded by it my entire life. I like all kinds of music. One of the first songs I sang was country so I have many influences from all genres. My inspirations are Gwen Stefani, No Doubt, Korn, Sound Garden, and Slipknot.
    Nils: The first time I realized I loved rock n roll was when I first played at " The Bitter End " in New York. My friend and I had an amazing chemistry on stage and that’s when I realized what power this type of music has. I listen to a wide variety of music spanning from Jazz and neo classical, all the way to hip hop and heavy metal so there are quite a lot of artists that influence my music. Off the top of my head some that inspire me are Slipknot, Tool, Slash, Joep Beving, and Scarlxrd.
    Spencer: I like many kinds of music. My favorite type of music is rock and heavy metal. However I listen to everything from Hip Hop, classical and even some country music. There are great tunes from all genres and decades of music. My influences are Jimi Hendrix, Tool, Led Zeppelin and Zakk Wylde.
    How did Violet Saturn come about? 
    Spencer: My sister was born to sing and she has always been a gifted writer. She has a fortunate ability to write great hooks, Lyrics and melodies. I think she was seven when she wrote her first song. We have many songs not yet produced. We have probably written over 30 songs which have not yet been developed or produced. I’ve been in a band since first grade and I played the trumpet and French horn in the school band for many years also.
    Lauren: My brother Spencer and I started playing as a band when I was five years old.
    Nils: Lauren and Spencer started the band, I joined later in 2018.
    You guys write the lyrics and melody for your songs, can you tell us a bit about the process?
    Nils: Spencer and I write some of the new material together and then Lauren works out the melody and lyrics. The process of how long it takes varies. Some songs are written faster than others.
    Lauren:  I get inspired by an emotion and just write. I come up with melodies on the spot and put emotions into words. Every song I’ve written has been based on real life events and emotions that I have experienced.
    Spencer: Lauren usually comes up with melodies, hooks and some lyrics and I compose around them. Once in a while things start with a riff but usually not.
    How does it feel to be nominated for the 2019 L.A. Music Video Awards? What are your goals in the near future?
    Spencer: I´m so honored to be nominated. I’m really happy our music is being listened to and appreciated. It’s been a long road for us to get to the production stage and a lot of work for us and my mom. I’m proud of our hard work and getting to write and produce music that makes people happy. The music video was also a long road and we´re thankful to be nominated in all categories for Sweetest Life.
    Lauren:  It feels amazing! It´s an honor and I’m humbled to be nominated. I hope that we’ll have the opportunity to go on many tours, develop as a band and continue to write and produce music. 
    Nils: Being a part of a project that was nominated for the L.A. Music Video Awards is quite amazing. I’m excited for what the future holds for Violet Saturn. My biggest future goal with Violet Saturn at the moment is to start gigging regularly and get to know and play at all the amazing venues in LA; and then the world.
    If you had one wish that would make a positive change in the world, what would you wish for?
    Lauren: I’d wish for kindness. If everyone could be kinder, the world would be a better place. There are too many insecure unhappy people - and kindness can change that. We all should be vegan too. That would save our planet and animals. 
    Nils: Hmmm, one wish that would make a positive change in the world... It would be amazing if everyone ate a solely plant based diet. It would cut down on so much pollution and suffering in the world.
    Spencer:  Peace and kindness to all animals.
    Thank you for the interview.

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